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135 segment path: 69182 nm
KSLC (40°47'18"N 111°58'40"W) KTUS (32°06'58"N 110°56'28"W) 174° (S) 522 nm
KTUS (32°06'58"N 110°56'28"W) MMLP (24°04'22"N 110°21'45"W) 176° (S) 482 nm
MMLP (24°04'22"N 110°21'45"W) MMGL (20°31'18"N 103°18'40"W) 117° (SE) 446 nm
MMGL (20°31'18"N 103°18'40"W) MMAA (16°45'25"N 99°45'14"W) 137° (SE) 303 nm
MMAA (16°45'25"N 99°45'14"W) MGGT (14°35'00"N 90°31'39"W) 102° (E) 550 nm
MGGT (14°35'00"N 90°31'39"W) MNMG (12°08'29"N 86°10'05"W) 119° (SE) 294 nm
MNMG (12°08'29"N 86°10'05"W) MPTO (09°04'17"N 79°23'00"W) 114° (SE) 441 nm
MPTO (09°04'17"N 79°23'00"W) SKCL (03°32'35"N 76°22'54"W) 151° (SE) 376 nm
SKCL (03°32'35"N 76°22'54"W) SEGU (02°09'27"S 79°53'01"W) 212° (SW) 400 nm
SEGU (02°09'27"S 79°53'01"W) SPRU (08°04'54"S 79°06'31"W) 173° (S) 357 nm
SPRU (08°04'54"S 79°06'31"W) SPLP (12°09'36"S 76°59'56"W) 153° (SE) 274 nm
SPLP (12°09'36"S 76°59'56"W) SPQU (16°20'26"S 71°34'15"W) 129° (SE) 403 nm
SPQU (16°20'26"S 71°34'15"W) SCFA (23°26'40"S 70°26'42"W) 172° (S) 429 nm
SCFA (23°26'40"S 70°26'42"W) SCEL (33°23'39"S 70°47'37"W) 182° (S) 596 nm
SCEL (33°23'39"S 70°47'37"W) SCVD (39°38'58"S 73°05'11"W) 196° (S) 391 nm
SCVD (39°38'58"S 73°05'11"W) SAVC (45°47'07"S 67°27'56"W) 148° (SE) 444 nm
SAVC (45°47'07"S 67°27'56"W) SCCI (53°00'13"S 70°51'13"W) 196° (S) 453 nm
SCCI (53°00'13"S 70°51'13"W) SAWE (53°46'40"S 67°44'58"W) 114° (SE) 121 nm
SAWE (53°46'40"S 67°44'58"W) SAWB (64°14'18"S 56°37'51"W) 156° (SE) 715 nm
SAWB (64°14'18"S 56°37'51"W) SCRM (62°11'27"S 58°59'12"W) 332° (NW) 139 nm
SCRM (62°11'27"S 58°59'12"W) SFAL (51°41'08"S 57°46'40"W)  (N) 633 nm
SFAL (51°41'08"S 57°46'40"W) SAVT (43°12'38"S 65°16'13"W) 326° (NW) 593 nm
SAVT (43°12'38"S 65°16'13"W) SAEZ (34°49'20"S 58°32'09"W) 34° (NE) 593 nm
SAEZ (34°49'20"S 58°32'09"W) SUMU (34°50'18"S 56°01'51"W) 91° (E) 124 nm
SUMU (34°50'18"S 56°01'51"W) SBPA (29°59'40"S 51°10'17"W) 42° (NE) 381 nm
SBPA (29°59'40"S 51°10'17"W) SBGL (22°48'36"S 43°15'02"W) 47° (NE) 605 nm
SBGL (22°48'36"S 43°15'02"W) SBBR (15°52'16"S 47°55'07"W) 327° (NW) 492 nm
SBBR (15°52'16"S 47°55'07"W) SBAT (09°51'58"S 56°06'22"W) 306° (NW) 599 nm
SBAT (09°51'58"S 56°06'22"W) SBEG (03°02'19"S 60°02'59"W) 330° (NW) 471 nm
SBEG (03°02'19"S 60°02'59"W) SBMQ (00°03'02"N 51°04'20"W) 71° (E) 570 nm
SBMQ (00°03'02"N 51°04'20"W) SMZO (05°48'40"N 55°11'27"W) 324° (NW) 424 nm
SMZO (05°48'40"N 55°11'27"W) SYCJ (06°29'55"N 58°15'15"W) 283° (W) 188 nm
SYCJ (06°29'55"N 58°15'15"W) SVCB (08°07'19"N 63°32'14"W) 287° (W) 330 nm
SVCB (08°07'19"N 63°32'14"W) SVMP (10°07'59"N 66°47'16"W) 302° (NW) 227 nm
SVMP (10°07'59"N 66°47'16"W) SKBQ (10°53'22"N 74°46'50"W) 276° (W) 475 nm
SKBQ (10°53'22"N 74°46'50"W) MROC (09°59'38"N 84°12'32"W) 265° (W) 560 nm
MROC (09°59'38"N 84°12'32"W) MHLM (15°27'07"N 87°55'27"W) 327° (NW) 392 nm
MHLM (15°27'07"N 87°55'27"W) MMMD (20°56'13"N 89°39'28"W) 343° (N) 342 nm
MMMD (20°56'13"N 89°39'28"W) KMSY (29°59'36"N 90°15'32"W) 357° (N) 543 nm
KMSY (29°59'36"N 90°15'32"W) KTYS (35°48'34"N 83°59'43"W) 41° (NE) 470 nm
KTYS (35°48'34"N 83°59'43"W) CYYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) 22° (N) 513 nm
CYYZ (43°40'36"N 79°37'50"W) CYUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) 65° (NE) 274 nm
CYUL (45°28'14"N 73°44'27"W) CYHZ (44°52'47"N 63°30'37"W) 91° (E) 435 nm
CYHZ (44°52'47"N 63°30'37"W) CYYT (47°37'07"N 52°45'09"W) 66° (NE) 477 nm
CYYT (47°37'07"N 52°45'09"W) CYCA (53°40'57"N 57°02'31"W) 337° (NW) 399 nm
CYCA (53°40'57"N 57°02'31"W) CYDP (56°33'02"N 61°40'56"W) 319° (NW) 235 nm
CYDP (56°33'02"N 61°40'56"W) CYFB (63°45'24"N 68°33'22"W) 338° (N) 479 nm
CYFB (63°45'24"N 68°33'22"W) BGKK (65°34'25"N 37°07'25"W) 68° (E) 809 nm
BGKK (65°34'25"N 37°07'25"W) BGCO (70°44'36"N 22°39'38"W) 40° (NE) 448 nm
BGCO (70°44'36"N 22°39'38"W) ENSB (78°14'46"N 15°27'56"E) 36° (NE) 741 nm
ENSB (78°14'46"N 15°27'56"E) ENTC (69°41'00"N 18°55'08"E) 172° (S) 519 nm
ENTC (69°41'00"N 18°55'08"E) ENVA (63°27'27"N 10°55'27"E) 211° (SW) 420 nm
ENVA (63°27'27"N 10°55'27"E) ENGM (60°11'38"N 11°06'01"E) 178° (S) 196 nm
ENGM (60°11'38"N 11°06'01"E) EGPE (57°32'33"N 04°02'51"W) 258° (W) 497 nm
EGPE (57°32'33"N 04°02'51"W) EGKK (51°08'53"N 00°11'25"W) 159° (S) 407 nm
EGKK (51°08'53"N 00°11'25"W) LFRM (47°56'55"N 00°12'06"E) 175° (S) 193 nm
LFRM (47°56'55"N 00°12'06"E) LEMD (40°29'37"N 03°34'00"W) 201° (S) 476 nm
LEMD (40°29'37"N 03°34'00"W) GMMC (33°33'25"N 07°39'38"W) 207° (SW) 460 nm
GMMC (33°33'25"N 07°39'38"W) GMAD (30°19'21"N 09°24'41"W) 205° (SW) 213 nm
GMAD (30°19'21"N 09°24'41"W) GCLA (28°37'35"N 17°45'20"W) 259° (W) 449 nm
GCLA (28°37'35"N 17°45'20"W) GQNN (18°05'44"N 15°57'00"W) 171° (S) 638 nm
GQNN (18°05'44"N 15°57'00"W) GOOY (14°44'38"N 17°28'46"W) 204° (SW) 219 nm
GOOY (14°44'38"N 17°28'46"W) GABS (12°32'01"N 07°57'00"W) 102° (E) 572 nm
GABS (12°32'01"N 07°57'00"W) DFFD (12°21'13"N 01°30'43"W) 91° (E) 378 nm
DFFD (12°21'13"N 01°30'43"W) DBBB (06°21'26"N 02°23'04"E) 147° (SE) 426 nm
DBBB (06°21'26"N 02°23'04"E) FKYS (03°43'21"N 11°33'12"E) 106° (E) 571 nm
FKYS (03°43'21"N 11°33'12"E) FZAA (04°23'09"S 15°26'40"E) 154° (SE) 538 nm
FZAA (04°23'09"S 15°26'40"E) FNLU (08°51'30"S 13°13'52"E) 206° (SW) 298 nm
FNLU (08°51'30"S 13°13'52"E) FNHU (12°48'32"S 15°45'38"E) 148° (SE) 279 nm
FNHU (12°48'32"S 15°45'38"E) FYWH (22°28'48"S 17°28'15"E) 171° (S) 586 nm
FYWH (22°28'48"S 17°28'15"E) FAAB (28°34'30"S 16°32'00"E) 188° (S) 368 nm
FAAB (28°34'30"S 16°32'00"E) FACT (33°58'17"S 18°36'15"E) 162° (S) 340 nm
FACT (33°58'17"S 18°36'15"E) FABL (29°05'34"S 26°18'09"E) 56° (NE) 491 nm
FABL (29°05'34"S 26°18'09"E) FBSK (24°33'19"S 25°55'06"E) 356° (N) 272 nm
FBSK (24°33'19"S 25°55'06"E) FQIN (23°52'35"S 35°24'31"E) 88° (E) 522 nm
FQIN (23°52'35"S 35°24'31"E) FMST (23°23'00"S 43°43'42"E) 88° (E) 459 nm
FMST (23°23'00"S 43°43'42"E) FMNM (15°40'02"S 46°21'07"E) 18° (N) 485 nm
FMNM (15°40'02"S 46°21'07"E) HTMT (10°20'21"S 40°10'54"E) 311° (NW) 481 nm
HTMT (10°20'21"S 40°10'54"E) HKRE (01°16'38"S 36°51'44"E) 340° (N) 576 nm
HKRE (01°16'38"S 36°51'44"E) HUMI (01°45'29"N 31°44'12"E) 300° (NW) 357 nm
HUMI (01°45'29"N 31°44'12"E) HSSM (09°33'32"N 31°39'08"E) 359° (N) 466 nm
HSSM (09°33'32"N 31°39'08"E) HSSS (15°35'22"N 32°33'11"E)  (N) 364 nm
HSSS (15°35'22"N 32°33'11"E) HESN (23°57'52"N 32°49'12"E)  (N) 501 nm
HESN (23°57'52"N 32°49'12"E) HECA (30°07'19"N 31°24'20"E) 349° (N) 376 nm
HECA (30°07'19"N 31°24'20"E) LGAV (37°56'11"N 23°56'40"E) 324° (NW) 597 nm
LGAV (37°56'11"N 23°56'40"E) LIRF (41°48'16"N 12°15'03"E) 297° (NW) 587 nm
LIRF (41°48'16"N 12°15'03"E) LYBE (44°49'06"N 20°18'33"E) 60° (NE) 396 nm
LYBE (44°49'06"N 20°18'33"E) EDTF (48°01'22"N 07°49'57"E) 295° (NW) 552 nm
EDTF (48°01'22"N 07°49'57"E) EKCH (55°37'05"N 12°39'21"E) 20° (N) 490 nm
EKCH (55°37'05"N 12°39'21"E) UUWW (55°35'57"N 37°16'23"E) 80° (E) 833 nm
UUWW (55°35'57"N 37°16'23"E) ULMM (68°46'54"N 32°45'04"E) 353° (N) 803 nm
ULMM (68°46'54"N 32°45'04"E) UUYY (61°39'N 50°51'E) 125° (SE) 623 nm
UUYY (61°39'N 50°51'E) UNOO (54°58'02"N 73°18'37"E) 110° (E) 811 nm
UNOO (54°58'02"N 73°18'37"E) UNKL (56°10'23"N 92°29'36"E) 76° (E) 655 nm
UNKL (56°10'23"N 92°29'36"E) ZWWW (43°54'N 87°28'E) 197° (S) 761 nm
ZWWW (43°54'N 87°28'E) UAAA (43°21'20"N 77°02'38"E) 269° (W) 455 nm
UAAA (43°21'20"N 77°02'38"E) UTDD (38°33'N 68°50'E) 235° (SW) 472 nm
UTDD (38°33'N 68°50'E) VIDP (28°34'07"N 77°06'44"E) 143° (SE) 727 nm
VIDP (28°34'07"N 77°06'44"E) VECC (22°39'17"N 88°26'48"E) 117° (SE) 709 nm
VECC (22°39'17"N 88°26'48"E) VYYY (16°54'26"N 96°08'00"E) 127° (SE) 554 nm
VYYY (16°54'26"N 96°08'00"E) VTBD (13°54'45"N 100°36'24"E) 124° (SE) 315 nm
VTBD (13°54'45"N 100°36'24"E) WMKK (02°44'44"N 101°42'36"E) 174° (S) 670 nm
WMKK (02°44'44"N 101°42'36"E) WIII (06°07'32"S 106°39'21"E) 151° (SE) 607 nm
WIII (06°07'32"S 106°39'21"E) WRSJ (07°22'47"S 112°47'13"E) 102° (E) 374 nm
WRSJ (07°22'47"S 112°47'13"E) WRKK (10°10'18"S 123°40'16"E) 105° (E) 668 nm
WRKK (10°10'18"S 123°40'16"E) YPDN (12°24'53"S 130°52'36"E) 108° (E) 445 nm
YPDN (12°24'53"S 130°52'36"E) YBAS (23°48'24"S 133°54'08"E) 166° (S) 702 nm
YBAS (23°48'24"S 133°54'08"E) YPAD (34°56'42"S 138°31'50"E) 161° (S) 709 nm
YPAD (34°56'42"S 138°31'50"E) YMHB (42°50'10"S 147°30'37"E) 141° (SE) 632 nm
YMHB (42°50'10"S 147°30'37"E) YSSY (33°56'46"S 151°10'38"E) 19° (N) 560 nm
YSSY (33°56'46"S 151°10'38"E) YBBN (27°23'03"S 153°07'03"E) 15° (N) 405 nm
YBBN (27°23'03"S 153°07'03"E) YBCS (16°53'09"S 145°45'19"E) 325° (NW) 749 nm
YBCS (16°53'09"S 145°45'19"E) AYPY (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 11° (N) 453 nm
AYPY (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) WAJJ (02°34'37"S 140°30'59"E) 315° (NW) 573 nm
WAJJ (02°34'37"S 140°30'59"E) WAPP (03°42'37"S 128°05'21"E) 264° (W) 749 nm
WAPP (03°42'37"S 128°05'21"E) WAMM (01°32'58"N 124°55'33"E) 329° (NW) 367 nm
WAMM (01°32'58"N 124°55'33"E) RPMD (07°07'32"N 125°38'45"E)  (N) 336 nm
RPMD (07°07'32"N 125°38'45"E) RPLL (14°30'31"N 121°01'10"E) 329° (NW) 519 nm
RPLL (14°30'31"N 121°01'10"E) RCTP (25°04'40"N 121°13'58"E)  (N) 632 nm
RCTP (25°04'40"N 121°13'58"E) ZSPD (31°09'N 121°48'E)  (N) 364 nm
ZSPD (31°09'N 121°48'E) RJFF (33°35'09"N 130°27'02"E) 69° (E) 463 nm
RJFF (33°35'09"N 130°27'02"E) RJAA (35°45'55"N 140°23'08"E) 72° (E) 508 nm
RJAA (35°45'55"N 140°23'08"E) UHWW (43°23'53"N 132°08'56"E) 323° (NW) 595 nm
UHWW (43°23'53"N 132°08'56"E) RJCO (43°06'58"N 141°22'49"E) 89° (E) 405 nm
RJCO (43°06'58"N 141°22'49"E) UHSS (46°53'19"N 142°43'03"E) 14° (N) 233 nm
UHSS (46°53'19"N 142°43'03"E) UHPP (53°10'13"N 158°27'13"E) 52° (NE) 714 nm
UHPP (53°10'13"N 158°27'13"E) UHMM (59°54'40"N 150°43'14"E) 331° (NW) 479 nm
UHMM (59°54'40"N 150°43'14"E) UHMA (64°44'06"N 177°44'18"E) 57° (NE) 802 nm
UHMA (64°44'06"N 177°44'18"E) IWK (34°08'38"N 132°14'09"E) 244° (SW) 2463 nm
IWK (34°08'38"N 132°14'09"E) PANC (61°10'27"N 149°59'53"W) 35° (NE) 3298 nm
PANC (61°10'27"N 149°59'53"W) PAJN (58°21'17"N 134°34'42"W) 103° (E) 496 nm
PAJN (58°21'17"N 134°34'42"W) CYZT (50°40'50"N 127°22'00"W) 148° (SE) 525 nm
CYZT (50°40'50"N 127°22'00"W) KSEA (47°27'00"N 122°18'42"W) 132° (SE) 278 nm
KSEA (47°27'00"N 122°18'42"W) KMSO (46°54'59"N 114°05'26"W) 92° (E) 338 nm
KMSO (46°54'59"N 114°05'26"W) KSLC (40°47'18"N 111°58'40"W) 165° (S) 379 nm

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Code   Source   Location
KSLCFAASalt Lake City [Intl], UT, US
KTUSFAATucson [Intl], AZ, US
MMLPDAFIFLa Paz [General Manuel Márquez de León Intl], BCS, MX
MMGLDAFIFGuadalajara [Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla Intl], JAL, MX
MMAADAFIFAcapulco [General Juan N. Álvarez Intl], GRO, MX
MGGTDAFIFGuatemala City [La Aurora Intl], GU, GT
MNMGDAFIFManagua [Augusto César Sandino Intl (Managua Intl)], MN, NI
MPTODAFIFPanamá City [Tocumen Intl (General Omar Torrijos Intl)], 8, PA
SKCLAIPCali (Santiago de Cali, Palmira) [Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Intl], VAC, CO
SEGUDAFIFGuayaquil [José Joaquín de Olmdeo Intl (Simón Bolívar Intl)], G, EC
SPRUAIPTrujillo [Capitán FAP Carlos Martínez de Pinillos Intl], LAL, PE
SPLPAIPLima [Las Palmas AFB], LIM, PE
SPQUAIPArequipa [Alfredo Rodríguez Ballón Intl], ARE, PE
SCFAAIPAntofagasta [Andrés Sabella Intl (Cerro Moreno Intl)], AN, CL
SCELAIPSantiago (Santiago de Chile) [Arturo Merino Benítez Intl (Pudahuel Intl)], RM, CL
SCVDAIPValdivia [Pichoy Airport], LR, CL
SAVCDAFIFComodoro Rivadavia [General Enrique Mosconi Intl], U, AR
SCCIAIPPunta Arenas [Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Intl], MA, CL
SAWBDAFIFBase Marambio, Seymour Island, AQ
SCRMAIPBase Antarctica [Tiente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Airport], King George Island, South Shetland Islands, MA, CL
SFALDAFIFStanley (Port Stanley) [Port Stanley], FK
SAVTDAFIFTrelew [Almirante Zar], U, AR
SAEZDAFIFBuenos Aires [Aeropuerto Internacional Ezeiza/Ministro Pistarini], C, AR
SUMUDAFIFMontevideo [Carrasco/General Cesáreo L. Berisso Intl], CA, UY
SBPADAFIFPorto Alegre [Salgado Filho Intl], RS, BR
SBGLAIPRio de Janeiro [Galeão - Antônio Carlos (Tom) Jobim Intl], RJ, BR
SBBRAIPBrasília [Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Intl], DF, BR
SBATDAFIFAlta Floresta [Piloto Oswaldo Marques Dias Airport], MT, BR
SBEGDAFIFManaus [Eduardo Gomes Intl (Manaus Intl)], AM, BR
SBMQDAFIFMacapá [Alberto Alcolumbre Intl], PA, BR
SMZODAFIFParamaribo [Zorg en Hoop], PM, SR
SYCJDAFIFGeorgetown [Cheddi Jagan Intl (Timehri Intl)], DE, GY
SVCBDAFIFCiudad Bolívar [Tomás de Heres Airport], F, VE
SVMPDAFIFCaracas [Metropolitano Intl], A, VE
SKBQAIPBarranquilla [Ernesto Cortissoz Intl], ATL, CO
MROCAIPSan José (Río Segundo) [Juan Santamaría Intl], A, CR
MHLMAIPSan Pedro Sula (La Lima) [Ramón Villeda Morales Intl (La Mesa Intl)], CR, HN
MMMDDAFIFMérida [Licenciado Manuel Crecencio Rejón Intl], YUC, MX
KMSYFAANew Orléans [Louis Armstrong New Orléans Intl], LA, US
KTYSFAAKnoxville [McGhee Tyson Airport], TN, US
CYYZAIPToronto [Lester B. Pearson Intl], ON, CA
CYULAIPMontréal [Pierre Elliott Trudeau Intl (Dorval)], QC, CA
CYHZAIPHalifax [Robert L. Stanfield Intl], NS, CA
CYYTAIPSt. John's [Intl], NL, CA
CYCAAIPCartwright [Cartwright Airport], NL, CA
CYDPAIPNain (Unity Bay) [Nain Airport], NL, CA
CYFBAIPIqaluit [Iqaluit Airport (Frobisher Bay)], NU, CA
BGCOAIPIttoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund) [Neerlerit Inaat Airport (Constable Point Airport)], SM, GL
ENSBDAFIFLongyearbyen (Longyear) [Svalbard], NO
ENTCDAFIFTromsø [Langnes], NO
ENVADAFIFTrondheim (Stjørdal) [Vaernes], NO
ENGMDAFIFOslo [Oslo Airport Gardermoen], 02, NO
EGPEAIPInverness, Inverness, SCT, GB
EGKKAIPLondon [Gatwick Airport], Surrey, ENG, GB
LFRMAIPLe Mans [Arnage], R, FR
LEMDDAFIFMadrid [Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Intl], MD, ES
GMMCDAFIFCasablanca [Anfa], CAS, MA
GMADAIPAgadir [Al Massira Intl], 09, MA
GCLADAFIFSanta Cruz de La Palma, CN, ES
GQNNAIPNouakchott [Intl], MR
GOOYAIPDakar (Yoff) [Léopold Sédar Senghor Intl (Dakar Yoff Intl)], DK, SN
GABSDAFIFBamako [Modibo Keita Intl (Bamako Sénou Intl)], BKO, ML
DFFDAIPOuagadougou [Ouagadougou Airport], BF
DBBBDAFIFCotonou [Cardinal Bernardin Gantin Intl (Cadjehoun Airport)], LI, BJ
FKYSDAFIFYaoundé [Yaoundé Nsimalen Intl], CE, CM
FZAADAFIFKinshasa [N'Djili Intl], KN, CD
FNLUDAFIFLuanda [Aeroporto 4 de Fevereiro], LUA, AO
FNHUDAFIFHuambo [Albano Machado (Nova Lisboa)], HUA, AO
FYWHDAFIFWindhoek [Hosea Kutako Intl (J. G. Strijdom)], KH, NA
FAABDAFIFAlexander Bay [Alexander Bay Airport (Kortdoorn Airport)], NC, ZA
FACTAIPCape Town [Cape Town Intl (D.F. Malan)], WC, ZA
FABLDAFIFBloemfontein [Bram Fischer Intl (J.B.M. Hertzog)], FS, ZA
FBSKDAFIFGaborone [Sir Seretse Khama Intl], SE, BW
FQINDAFIFInhambane [Inhambane Airport], I, MZ
FMSTDAFIFTulear (Toliara), MG
FMNMDAFIFMahajanga (Majunga) [Philibert Tsiranana (Amborovy)], MG
HTMTDAFIFMtwara [Mtwara Airport], 17, TZ
HKREDAFIFNairobi (Eastleigh) [Moi AB (RAF Eastleigh)], KE
HSSMDAFIFMalakal [Intl], NU, SS
HECADAFIFCairo [Intl], C, EG
LGAVDAFIFAthens (Spata) [Eleftherios Venizelos Intl], I, GR
LIRFDAFIFRome (Roma) [Leonardo da Vinci Intl (Fiumicino)], 62, IT
LYBEDAFIFBelgrade (Beograd) [Belgrade Nikola Tesla (Surcin)], RS
EDTFDAFIFFreiburg im Breisgau, BW, DE
EKCHAIPCopenhagen (København) [København Airport - Kastrup], DK
UUWWAIPMoscow [Vnukovo Intl], MOS, RU
ULMMAIPMurmansk [Murmansk Airport], MUR, RU
UUYYAIPSyktyvkar [Syktyvkar Airport], KO, RU
UNOOAIPOmsk [Tsentralny Airport], OMS, RU
UNKLAIPKrasnoyarsk [Yemelyanovo Intl], KYA, RU
ZWWWAIPÜrümqi [Ürümqi Diwopu Intl], 65, CN
UAAAAIPAlmaty (Alma Ata) [Intl], ALM, KZ
UTDDAIPDushanbe (Stalinabad) [Intl], DU, TJ
VIDPAIPNew Delhi [Indira Gandhi Intl (Palam Airport)], DL, IN
VECCDAFIFKolkata (Calcutta) [Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Intl (Dum Dum Airport)], WB, IN
VYYYDAFIFYangon (Rangoon, Mingaladon) [Intl (RAF Mingaladon)], 06, MM
VTBDDAFIFBangkok [Don Mueang Intl (Don Muang Intl)], 10, TH
WMKKDAFIFKuala Lumpur (Sepang) [Intl], 10, MY
WIIIDAFIFJakarta (Tangerang) [Soekarno-Hatta Intl (Cengkareng Airport)], BT, ID
WRSJotherSurabaya [Juanda Intl], JI, ID
(obsolete code for WARR)
WRKKotherKupang [Eltari Airport (El Tari Airport)], NT, ID
(obsolete code for WATT)
YPDNDAFIFDarwin [Intl], NT, AU
YBASDAFIFAlice Springs, NT, AU
YPADDAFIFAdelaide [Intl], SA, AU
YSSYDAFIFSydney [Kingsford Smith], NSW, AU
YBBNDAFIFBrisbane [Intl], Qld, AU
YBCSDAFIFCairns [Intl], Qld, AU
AYPYDAFIFPort Moresby [Jacksons Intl], NCD, PG
WAJJDAFIFJayapura (Djayapura) [Sentani Airport], PA, ID
WAPPDAFIFAmbon [Pattimura Airport], ML, ID
WAMMDAFIFManado [Sam Ratulangi], SA, ID
RPMDDAFIFDavao City [Francisco Bangoy Intl], PH
RPLLDAFIFManila [Ninoy Aquino Intl], PH
RCTPDAFIFTaipei [Taiwan Taoyuan Intl (Chiang Kai Shek Intl)], TW
ZSPDAIPShanghai [Pudong Intl], 31, CN
RJFFDAFIFFukuoka [Fukuoka Airport (Itazuke AFB)], 40, JP
RJAAAIPTokyo (Narita) [New Tokyo Intl], 12, JP
UHWWAIPVladivostok [Knevichi Airport], PRI, RU
RJCODAFIFSapporo [Okadama Airport], 01, JP
UHSSAIPYuzhno-Sakhalinsk [Khomutovo Airport], SAK, RU
UHPPAIPPetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky [Yelizovo Airport], KAM, RU
UHMMAIPMagadan [Sokol], MAG, RU
UHMAAIPAnadyr [Ugolny Airport], CHU, RU
IWKDAFIFIwakuni [MCAS Iwakuni], 35, JP
PANCFAAAnchorage [Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl], AK, US
PAJNFAAJuneau [Intl], AK, US
CYZTAIPPort Hardy [Port Hardy Airport], BC, CA
KSEAFAASeattle [Seattle-Tacoma Intl], WA, US
KMSOFAAMissoula [Intl], MT, US

(e.g., ORD-HKG, SFO-SYD, London-Tokyo)
(e.g., 8000nm@LHR, 1300nm@DAL)
Path Color
Path Distance
Min. Distance
Mark locations along path
Ground Speed or Mach
Range Style

Outline Color

Map Style



ETOPS Rule-Time
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes
138 minutes
180 minutes
207 minutes
240 minutes
330 minutes

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