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32 segment path: 8990 nm
KCRG (30°20'11"N 81°30'52"W) KJAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) 316° (NW) 13 nm
KJAX (30°29'39"N 81°41'16"W) KRMG (34°21'03"N 85°09'31"W) 324° (NW) 290 nm
KRMG (34°21'03"N 85°09'31"W) 1H0 (38°43'38"N 90°30'30"W) 317° (NW) 368 nm
1H0 (38°43'38"N 90°30'30"W) KTOP (39°04'08"N 95°37'21"W) 276° (W) 240 nm
KTOP (39°04'08"N 95°37'21"W) KHYS (38°50'32"N 99°16'23"W) 267° (W) 171 nm
KHYS (38°50'32"N 99°16'23"W) KPUB (38°17'24"N 104°29'53"W) 264° (W) 248 nm
KPUB (38°17'24"N 104°29'53"W) KFMN (36°44'29"N 108°13'48"W) 244° (SW) 201 nm
KFMN (36°44'29"N 108°13'48"W) KIGM (35°15'34"N 113°56'17"W) 254° (W) 292 nm
KIGM (35°15'34"N 113°56'17"W) KWJF (34°44'28"N 118°13'07"W) 263° (W) 213 nm
KWJF (34°44'28"N 118°13'07"W) KPAO (37°27'40"N 122°06'54"W) 312° (NW) 250 nm
KPAO (37°27'40"N 122°06'54"W) KEKO (40°49'30"N 115°47'29"W) 54° (NE) 357 nm
KEKO (40°49'30"N 115°47'29"W) KCPR (42°54'21"N 106°27'49"W) 70° (E) 436 nm
KCPR (42°54'21"N 106°27'49"W) KSFD (43°23'22"N 99°50'28"W) 82° (E) 292 nm
KSFD (43°23'22"N 99°50'28"W) KOSH (43°59'04"N 88°33'25"W) 82° (E) 492 nm
KOSH (43°59'04"N 88°33'25"W) KCAK (40°54'54"N 81°26'37"W) 118° (SE) 365 nm
KCAK (40°54'54"N 81°26'37"W) KSFZ (41°55'15"N 71°29'29"W) 79° (E) 453 nm
KSFZ (41°55'15"N 71°29'29"W) KPQI (46°41'20"N 68°02'41"W) 26° (NE) 322 nm
KPQI (46°41'20"N 68°02'41"W) CYZV (50°13'24"N 66°15'56"W) 18° (N) 224 nm
CYZV (50°13'24"N 66°15'56"W) CYWK (52°55'22"N 66°51'53"W) 352° (N) 164 nm
CYWK (52°55'22"N 66°51'53"W) CYKL (54°48'19"N 66°48'19"W)  (N) 113 nm
CYKL (54°48'19"N 66°48'19"W) CYVP (58°05'42"N 68°25'20"W) 345° (N) 205 nm
CYVP (58°05'42"N 68°25'20"W) CYFB (63°45'24"N 68°33'22"W) 359° (N) 341 nm
CYFB (63°45'24"N 68°33'22"W) CYXP (66°08'42"N 65°42'49"W) 25° (NE) 161 nm
CYXP (66°08'42"N 65°42'49"W) BGSF (67°01'01"N 50°41'22"W) 75° (E) 363 nm
BGSF (67°01'01"N 50°41'22"W) BGKK (65°34'25"N 37°07'25"W) 99° (E) 339 nm
BGKK (65°34'25"N 37°07'25"W) BIRK (64°07'48"N 21°56'26"W) 96° (E) 397 nm
BIRK (64°07'48"N 21°56'26"W) BIEG (65°17'00"N 14°24'05"W) 67° (NE) 206 nm
BIEG (65°17'00"N 14°24'05"W) EKVG (62°03'49"N 07°16'38"W) 132° (SE) 271 nm
EKVG (62°03'49"N 07°16'38"W) ENBR (60°17'36"N 05°13'05"E) 101° (E) 378 nm
ENBR (60°17'36"N 05°13'05"E) EKAH (56°18'00"N 10°37'08"E) 142° (SE) 295 nm
EKAH (56°18'00"N 10°37'08"E) EFMA (60°07'20"N 19°53'53"E) 48° (NE) 373 nm
EFMA (60°07'20"N 19°53'53"E) EFHF (60°15'14"N 25°02'39"E) 85° (E) 154 nm

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Code   Source   Location
KCRGFAAJacksonville [Jacksonville Executive Airport at Craig], FL, US
KJAXFAAJacksonville [Intl], FL, US
KRMGFAARome [Richard B Russell Regional - J H Towers Field], GA, US
1H0FAASt. Louis [Creve Coeur Airport], MO, US
KTOPFAATopeka [Philip Billard Muni], KS, US
KHYSFAAHays [Hays Regional], KS, US
KPUBFAAPueblo [Pueblo Memorial Airport], CO, US
KFMNFAAFarmington [Four Corners Regional], NM, US
KWJFFAALancaster [General William J Fox Airfield], CA, US
KEKOFAAElko [Elko Regional], NV, US
KCPRFAACasper [Casper/Natrona County Intl], WY, US
KSFDotherWinner [Winner Regional], SD, US
(obsolete code for KICR)
KOSHFAAOshkosh [Wittman Regional], WI, US
KCAKFAAAkron [Akron-Canton Regional], OH, US
KSFZFAAPawtucket [North Central State Airport], RI, US
KPQIFAAPresque Isle [Intl], ME, US
CYZVAIPSept-Îles [Sept-Îles Airport], QC, CA
CYWKAIPWabush [Wabush Airport], NL, CA
CYKLAIPSchefferville [Schefferville Airport], QC, CA
CYVPAIPKuujjuaq (Fort Chimo) [Kuujjuaq Airport], QC, CA
CYFBAIPIqaluit [Iqaluit Airport (Frobisher Bay)], NU, CA
CYXPAIPPangnirtung [Pangnirtung Airport], NU, CA
BGSFAIPKangerlussuaq (Sondre Strømfjord, Sondrestrom) [Kangerlussuaq Airport], QE, GL
BIRKAIPReykjavík, IS
BIEGAIPEgilsstaðir (Egilsstadir), IS
EKVGAIPSorvag (Sørvágur) [Vágar], FO
ENBRDAFIFBergen [Flesland], NO
EKAHAIPÅrhus (Aarhus) [Tirstrup], DK
EFMADAFIFMariehamn (Maarianhamina, Jomala) [Mariehamn Airport], Åland Islands, 01, FI
EFHFAIPHelsinki [Malmi], 18, FI

(e.g., ORD-HKG, SFO-SYD, London-Tokyo)
(e.g., 8000nm@LHR, 1300nm@DAL)
Path Color
Path Distance
Min. Distance
Mark locations along path
Ground Speed or Mach
Range Style

Outline Color

Map Style



ETOPS Rule-Time
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes
138 minutes
180 minutes
207 minutes
240 minutes
285 minutes
330 minutes

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