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WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 278° (W) 2327 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E)  (N) 0 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E)  (N) 2606 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 315° (NW) 4452 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 334° (NW) 3820 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 293° (NW) 6044 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 345° (N) 2692 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 338° (N) 5611 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 358° (N) 4733 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 355° (N) 5370 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 313° (NW) 6777 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 27° (NE) 3305 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 26° (NE) 2420 km
WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E)  (N) 3660 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 231° (SW) 3471 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 187° (S) 2606 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E)  (N) 0 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 281° (W) 3514 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 293° (NW) 2214 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 273° (W) 5823 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 270° (W) 1086 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 319° (NW) 3559 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 344° (N) 2229 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 343° (N) 2890 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 296° (NW) 5593 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 67° (NE) 1113 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 119° (SE) 750 km
SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E)  (N) 1055 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 176° (S) 2871 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 147° (SE) 4452 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 109° (E) 3514 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E)  (N) 0 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 91° (E) 1409 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 271° (W) 2387 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 114° (SE) 2457 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 34° (NE) 2188 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 69° (E) 3114 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 56° (NE) 3232 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 322° (NW) 2331 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 100° (E) 4468 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 112° (E) 4234 km
POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 91° (E) 3516 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E)  (N) 0 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 114° (SE) 2327 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 64° (NE) 3471 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 356° (N) 2871 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 24° (NE) 3071 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 315° (NW) 3819 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 49° (NE) 2717 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 13° (N) 4776 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 37° (NE) 4765 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 31° (NE) 5231 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 339° (N) 4967 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 68° (E) 4551 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 75° (E) 3804 km
CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 53° (NE) 4256 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 199° (S) 3071 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 160° (S) 3820 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 117° (SE) 2214 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 269° (W) 1409 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E)  (N) 0 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 269° (W) 3797 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 137° (SE) 1279 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 354° (N) 1826 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 51° (NE) 1880 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 35° (NE) 2208 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 302° (NW) 3384 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 102° (E) 3084 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 119° (SE) 2961 km
HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 89° (E) 2107 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 144° (SE) 3819 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 135° (SE) 6044 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 106° (E) 5823 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 94° (E) 2387 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 94° (E) 3797 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E)  (N) 0 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 107° (E) 4738 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 66° (NE) 4013 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 81° (E) 5396 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 73° (E) 5362 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 30° (NE) 2024 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 101° (E) 6832 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 110° (E) 6501 km
DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 94° (E) 5904 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 220° (SW) 2717 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 168° (S) 2692 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 94° (E) 1086 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 289° (W) 2457 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 315° (NW) 1279 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 277° (W) 4738 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E)  (N) 0 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 337° (NW) 2948 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 15° (N) 2176 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E)  (N) 2758 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 304° (NW) 4634 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 81° (E) 2151 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 105° (E) 1780 km
VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 51° (NE) 1555 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 191° (S) 4776 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 164° (S) 5611 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 141° (SE) 3559 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 214° (SW) 2188 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 174° (S) 1826 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 245° (SW) 4013 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 158° (S) 2948 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E)  (N) 0 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 110° (E) 1770 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 89° (E) 1443 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 272° (W) 2614 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 125° (SE) 4017 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 138° (SE) 4269 km
PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 126° (SE) 2892 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 209° (SW) 4765 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 178° (S) 4733 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 165° (S) 2229 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 247° (SW) 3114 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 230° (SW) 1880 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 257° (W) 5396 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 194° (S) 2176 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 291° (W) 1770 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E)  (N) 0 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 342° (N) 662 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 280° (W) 4333 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 136° (SE) 2349 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 154° (SE) 2809 km
TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 149° (SE) 1285 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 205° (SW) 5231 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 176° (S) 5370 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 164° (S) 2890 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 236° (SW) 3232 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 214° (SW) 2208 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 252° (W) 5362 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 187° (S) 2758 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 270° (W) 1443 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 162° (S) 662 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E)  (N) 0 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 273° (W) 4055 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 141° (SE) 2959 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 155° (SE) 3465 km
MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 153° (SE) 1935 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 163° (S) 4967 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 146° (SE) 6777 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 121° (SE) 5593 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 143° (SE) 2331 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 123° (SE) 3384 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 210° (SW) 2024 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 127° (SE) 4634 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 89° (E) 2614 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 97° (E) 4333 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 88° (E) 4055 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E)  (N) 0 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 112° (E) 6354 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 121° (SE) 6342 km
ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 109° (E) 5257 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 231° (SW) 4551 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 200° (S) 3305 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 244° (SW) 1113 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 272° (W) 4468 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 276° (W) 3084 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 268° (W) 6832 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 256° (W) 2151 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 303° (NW) 4017 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 315° (NW) 2349 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 320° (NW) 2959 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 288° (W) 6354 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W)  (N) 0 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 202° (S) 885 km
APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 300° (NW) 1126 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 238° (SW) 3804 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 201° (S) 2420 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 297° (NW) 750 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 282° (W) 4234 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 292° (W) 2961 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 273° (W) 6501 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 280° (W) 1780 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 314° (NW) 4269 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 332° (NW) 2809 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 333° (NW) 3465 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 294° (NW) 6342 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 23° (NE) 885 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W)  (N) 0 km
TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) 336° (NW) 1533 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) CBR (35°18'24"S 149°11'42"E) 221° (SW) 4256 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) WLG (41°19'38"S 174°48'19"E) 186° (S) 3660 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) SUV (18°02'36"S 178°33'33"E) 184° (S) 1055 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) POM (09°26'36"S 147°13'12"E) 266° (W) 3516 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) HIR (09°25'41"S 160°03'17"E) 266° (W) 2107 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) DIL (08°32'47"S 125°31'29"E) 266° (W) 5904 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) VLI (17°41'58"S 168°19'11"E) 228° (SW) 1555 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) PNI (06°59'06"N 158°12'35"E) 306° (NW) 2892 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) TRW (01°22'54"N 173°08'49"E) 328° (NW) 1285 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) MAJ (07°03'54"N 171°16'19"E) 333° (NW) 1935 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) ROR (07°22'02"N 134°32'39"E) 288° (W) 5257 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) APW (13°49'47"S 171°59'50"W) 122° (SE) 1126 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) TBU (21°14'17"S 175°08'14"W) 157° (SE) 1533 km
FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E) FUN (08°31'30"S 179°11'47"E)  (N) 0 km
Total: 609870 km

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Code   Source   Location
WLGAIPWellington [Intl], WGN, NZ
CBRotherCanberra [Canberra Airport], ACT, AU
SUVDAFIFSuva [Nausori Intl], FJ
POMDAFIFPort Moresby [Jacksons Intl], NCD, PG
HIRDAFIFHoniara [Honiara Intl (Henderson Intl)], Guadalcanal Island, SB
DILAIPDili [Presidente Nicolau Lobato Intl (Komoro Intl)], DI, TL
VLIAIPPort Vila [Bauerfield Intl], Éfaté Island, SEE, VU
PNIFAAPohnpei (Ponape) [Pohnpei Intl], PNI, FM
TRWDAFIFTarawa Island [Bonriki Intl], G, KI
MAJFAAMajuro Atoll [Amata Kabua Intl (Marshall Islands Intl)], MH
RORFAABabelthuap Island [Babelthuap/Koror Airport], PW
APWAIPApia [Faleolo Intl], Upolu Island, WS
TBUAIPNuku'alofa (Tongatapu) [Fua'amotu Intl], 05, TO
FUNGCFunafuti Atoll [Intl], TV

(e.g., ORD-HKG, SFO-SYD, London-Tokyo)
(e.g., 8000nm@LHR, 1300nm@DAL)
Path Color
Path Distance
Min. Distance
Mark locations along path
Ground Speed or Mach
Range Style

Outline Color

Map Style



ETOPS Rule-Time
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes
138 minutes
180 minutes
207 minutes
240 minutes
330 minutes

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