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Location codes 41-60 of 113 for {{{1}}}:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LOGG Punitz [Punitz-Güssing Airport], 1, AT
LOAE Eisenstadt [Eisenstadt LKH], 1, AT
UENT Usun (Kyuletskij 1-J), Sakha (Yakutiya), RU
AZ97 Kingman [X Bar 1 Ranch Airport (Lower)], Arizona, US
GAYE EYL Yélimané, 1, ML
LOAT Eisenstadt [Trausdorf], 1, AT
XA06 Lubbock [MDR 1 Heliport], Texas, US
GAMN GA46 Manantali [Bengassi Airport], 1, ML
SHEJ Antofagasta [Cuartel General 1ª División Ejército Heliport], Antofagasta, CL
LOGP Pinkafeld [Pinkafeld Airport], 1, AT
1NJ4 New Brunswick [Rutgers Helistop Number 1], New Jersey, US
LODO Oberwart [Christophorus 16], 1, AT
MY33 New Brighton [Rosacker's Number 1 SPB], Minnesota, US
GABF Bafoulabe, 1, ML
WY09 Dull Center (SW Clareton) [Sherwin Field Number 1 Airport], Wyoming, US
NKA Nkan, 1, GA
PN86 Minersville [Goodwill Fire Co. Number 1 Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
SJKV Pacaraima [Cumanã 1], Roraima, BR
NM45 Artesia [Pay Jay Number 1 Heliport], New Mexico, US
5OH5 Albany [Meigs Mine 1 Heliport], Ohio, US

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