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Location codes 81-100 of 113 for {{{1}}}:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
55NM BelÚn [Burris Ranch Number 1 Airport], New Mexico, US
3LA8 Lake Charles [Open A-1 Ranch Airport], Louisiana, US
11GE Cumming [Apple 1 Heliport], Georgia, US
AZ36 Peach Springs [Grand Canyon West-1 Heliport], Arizona, US
43AZ Tonopah [Mtas 1 Heliport], Arizona, US
MP17 Finca 67, 1, PA
9NJ1 Bound Brook [Bound Brook Number 1 Heliport], New Jersey, US
8WI2 Plainfield [Runway Leasing Inc. Number 1 Airport], Wisconsin, US
6TS5 Plano [Eds Administration Number 1 Heliport], Texas, US
SD91 Spearfish [Star Aviation Number 1 Heliport], South Dakota, US
6PA7 Watsontown [Helicopter 1 LLC Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
WY22 Savageton [Iberlin Ranch Number 1 Airport], Wyoming, US
03LS Winnsboro [FMC Number 1 Heliport], Louisiana, US
PA95 Harrisburg [Turnpike Number 1 Heliport], Pennsylvania, US
LS68 Abbeville [Ken Guidry Number 1 Airport], Louisiana, US
XA73 Galveston [Galveston Helipad Area Number 1], Texas, US
MER1 Gusev Crater [Spirit (MER-1)], Mars
CL03 El Segundo [Airport Towers Number 1 Heliport], California, US
1NC7 Banner Elk [Diamond Creek #1 Heliport], North Carolina, US
XA90 Golden [Fly 1 On Airport], Texas, US

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