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Location codes 101-113 of 113 for {{{1}}}:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AK02 Bear Creek [Bear Creek 1 Airport], Alaska, US
70LL Pontiac [Adams RLA Number 1 Airport], Illinois, US
75TA Ackerly [Coleman Cattle Company Number 1 Airport], Texas, US
UH03 Khokhlaczkaya [Khokhlaczkaya-1 Airport], RU
7TE6 El Campo [Stovall Ranch Number 1 Airport], Texas, US
OH84 Lima [ODOT District Number 1 Heliport], Ohio, US
69IN Lynnville [Solar Number 1 Heliport], Indiana, US
0TE8 College Station [Texas World Speedway Helistop Number 1], Texas, US
2LA6 Jackson [Howell 1 Airport], Louisiana, US
7TA2 Pearland [Club House Number 1 Heliport], Texas, US
0OK8 Marlow [Ramey 1 Airport], Oklahoma, US
MU79 Portageville [Delta Center Heliport #1], Missouri, US
GA1A Kayes, 1, ML

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