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ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VCBI CMB Colombo [Bandaranaike Intl], 1, LK
ZMUB ULN Ulan Bator [Chinggis Khaan Intl (Genghis Khan Intl, Buyant Ukha Airport)], 1, MN
FOOL LBV Libreville [Léon M'Ba Intl], 1, GA
DWO Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte (Kotte, Colombo) [Diyawanna Oya Waterdrome (Waters Edge Waterdrome)], 1, LK
MPBO BOC Bocas del Toro [Bocas del Toro "Isla Colón" Intl], 1, PA
GAKY KYS Kayes [Dag Dag], 1, ML
MPCH CHX Changuinola [Captain Manuel Nino Intl], 1, PA
LPST Sintra [Sintra AB (Air Base Nr 1)], Lisboa, PT
VCCC RML Colombo [Ratmalana Airport], 1, LK
GANR NIX Nioro du Sahel, 1, ML
LPOV Ovar [Montijo AB (Manoeuvre Aerodrome Nr 1)], Aveiro, PT
UMMM MHP Minsk [Minsk-1], Minskaya, BY
DGM Colombo (Seeduwa) [Dandugama Waterdrome (Dandugam Oya Waterdrome)], 1, LK
BYV Colombo [Beira Lake SPB], 1, LK
SCAS WPA Puerto Aysen (Puerto Aisén) [Cabo 1° Juan Román Airport], Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, CL
KEZ Colombo (Peliyagoda) [Kelani River-Peliyagoda Waterdrome (Sri Lankan Waterdrome)], 1, LK
HLNR HL65 Nafurah 1 (Nafoora M4), LY
GAKD Kayes Dag [Dag Airport], 1, ML
LOAO Oberpullendorf [Oberpullendorf KH], 1, AT
LOGR Oberwart [Oberwart KH], 1, AT

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