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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 12°35'S 163°44'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AGGT NNB Santa Ana Island (Owaraha, Ghupuna) [Santa Ana Airport], Makira-Ulawa, SB (147 mi / 237 km NW)
AGGL SCZ Santa Cruz Islands [Santa Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova Airport], Temotu, SB (189 mi / 305 km NE)
AGGK IRA Kirakira [Ngorangora], Makira Island, Makira-Ulawa, SB (192 mi / 310 km NW)
NVSD TOH Loh/Linua [Torres Airstrip], Linua Island, Torba, VU (202 mi / 326 km E)
AGAR RNA Arona [Ulawa Airport (Arona Airport)], Ulawa Island, Malaita, SB (222 mi / 358 km NW)
AGLM LLM Lomlom [Lomlom], Reef Islands, Temotu, SB (236 mi / 380 km NE)
NVSZ OLJ Olpoi [North West Santo], Espíritu Santo Island, Sanma, VU (247 mi / 397 km SE)
AGGP PRS Parasi [Marau Sound Airport], Marau Sound Island, Guadalcanal, SB (256 mi / 412 km NW)
AGGR RNL Tingoa [Rennell/Tingoa Airport], Rennell Island, Rennell and Bellona, SB (259 mi / 416 km W)
NVSC SLH Sola, Vanua Lava Island, Banks Islands, Torba, VU (271 mi / 435 km E)
AGGU RUS Marau [Paruru Airport], Guadalcanal, SB (272 mi / 438 km NW)
NVSA MTV Ablow [Mota Lava], Mota Lava Island, Torba, VU (278 mi / 448 km E)
TAA Tarapaina, Malaita, SB (280 mi / 451 km NW)
AGGB BNY Anua [Bellona/Anua Airport], Bellona Island, Rennell and Bellona, SB (281 mi / 451 km W)
NVSQ ZGU Gaua Island, Banks Islands, Torba, VU (283 mi / 455 km SE)
ONE Onepusu, Malaita Island, Malaita, SB (292 mi / 470 km NW)
AGGJ AVU Avu Avu [Haimaru Airport], Guadalcanal, SB (293 mi / 471 km NW)
GC0087 Velit Bay [Velit Bay Airfield], Espiritu Santo Island, Sanma, VU (294 mi / 472 km SE)
GC0086 Lataroa Island [Lataroa Island Airfield], Sanma, VU (296 mi / 476 km SE)
AGAF AFT Afutara [Afutara Airport], Malaita Island, Malaita, SB (300 mi / 483 km NW)

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