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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 17°18'N 62°44'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
TFFA DSD Grande Anse, La Desirade, GP (129 mi / 208 km SE)
SSB VI32 Christiansted [Christiansted Harbor-SSB SPB], St. Croix, Virgin Islands, US (134 mi / 215 km W)
NSX North Sound [Hovercraft/Launch Point], Virgin Gorda, VG (136 mi / 219 km NW)
TUPG Spanishtown [Virgin Gorda North Sound Water Aerodrome], Virgin Gorda Island, VG (136 mi / 220 km NW)
TUPW VIJ Virgin Gorda (Spanish Town) [Virgin Gorda Airport], VG (137 mi / 220 km NW)
TFFM GBJ Marie Galante (Les Bases), Grand Bourg, GP (138 mi / 222 km SE)
VI01 Frederiksted [DPS Heliport], St. Croix, Virgin Islands, US (139 mi / 224 km W)
TISX STX STX Christiansted [Henry E. Rohlsen Airport (Alexander Hamilton Intl)], St. Croix, Virgin Islands, US (139 mi / 224 km W)
TUPJ EIS Tortola (Road Town, Trellis Bay) [Terrance B. Lettsome Intl], Beef Island, Tortola, VG (143 mi / 230 km NW)
TUPA NGD Anegada (The Settlement) [Capt. Auguste George Airport], Anegada, VG (144 mi / 231 km NW)
TOV Tortola [Metro Area], VG (146 mi / 235 km NW)
VICR Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument [Virgin Islands Coral Reef NM], Virgin Islands, US (148 mi / 239 km NW)
VIIS Virgin Islands National Park [Virgin Islands NP], Virgin Islands, US (150 mi / 241 km NW)
SJF Cruz Bay [Cruz Bay SPB], St. John, Virgin Islands, US (153 mi / 247 km NW)
TDPD DOM Marigot [Douglas-Charles Airport (Melville Hall Airport)], DM (153 mi / 247 km SE)
VI04 Charlotte Amalie [Stouffer Grand Beach Resort Heliport], St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, US (160 mi / 258 km NW)
VI03 St. Thomas [Frenchman's Reef Heliport], Virgin Islands, US (160 mi / 258 km NW)
TDCF DCF Roseau [Canefield], DM (162 mi / 260 km SE)
VI02 Charlotte Amalie [St. Thomas Waterfront Heliport], St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, US (162 mi / 261 km NW)
SPB VI22 Charlotte Amalie [Charlotte Amalie Harbor SPB], St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, US (162 mi / 261 km NW)

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