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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 17°18'N 62°44'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
TDPR Roseau, DM (164 mi / 263 km SE)
TIST STT STT Charlotte Amalie [Cyril E. King Airport], St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, US (164 mi / 264 km NW)
PR06 Culebra [Hill Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (182 mi / 292 km NW)
TJCP CPX CPX Isla De Culebra [Benjamin Rivera Noriega Airport], Puerto Rico, US (183 mi / 295 km NW)
TJVQ VQS VQS Isla De Vieques [Antonio Rivera Rodriguez Airport], Puerto Rico, US (191 mi / 307 km W)
(TJNR) (NRR) Ceiba [Roosevelt Roads Naval Station - Ofstie Field], Puerto Rico, US (202 mi / 326 km W)
TJRV RVR Ceiba [José Aponte de la Torre], Puerto Rico, US (202 mi / 326 km W)
PR03 Fajardo [Fajardo Harbor SPB], Puerto Rico, US (203 mi / 327 km W)
PR26 Fajardo [Villa Marina Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (204 mi / 328 km W)
TJFA FAJ X95 Fajardo [Diego Jiménez Torres Airport], Puerto Rico, US (205 mi / 330 km W)
PR04 Humacao [Squibb Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (210 mi / 338 km W)
HUC X63 Humacao [Dr. Hermenegildo Ortiz Quinones Airport], Puerto Rico, US (210 mi / 338 km W)
14PR Rio Grande [Emp. Coco Beach Golf Club LLC Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (216 mi / 347 km W)
TFFF FDF Fort de France (Le Lamentin) [Martinique Aimé Césaire Intl], MQ (219 mi / 353 km SE)
X64 Patillas, Puerto Rico, US (222 mi / 357 km W)
TJSJ SJU SJU San Juan [Luis Muñoz Marín Intl (Isla Verde Intl)], Puerto Rico, US (229 mi / 369 km W)
PR17 San Juan [Prasa-Barbosa Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (231 mi / 372 km W)
PR42 San Juan [Empresas Diaz - Rio Pedras Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (231 mi / 372 km W)
PR01 San Juan [Hato Rey Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (232 mi / 373 km W)
2PR2 Guaynabo [Caribbean Construction Main Office Heliport], Puerto Rico, US (232 mi / 374 km W)

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