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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 20░41'38"N 103░24'58"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
TE32 Laredo [Rancho Blanco Airport], Texas, US (519 mi / 835 km NE)
KEBG EBG Edinburg [South Texas Intl at Edinburg], Texas, US (519 mi / 835 km NE)
49XA Edinburg [Omni Ranch Ultralight Flightpark], Texas, US (520 mi / 837 km NE)
2TS2 Harlingen [Shofner Farms Airport], Texas, US (522 mi / 839 km NE)
2XS0 Brownsville [Columbia Valley Regional Heliport], Texas, US (522 mi / 840 km NE)
KBRO BRO BRO Brownsville [Brownsville/South Padre Island Intl], Texas, US (523 mi / 842 km NE)
MMNL NLD Nuevo Laredo [Quetzalcˇatl Intl], Tamaulipas, MX (524 mi / 844 km NE)
78TS Harlingen [South Texas Emergency Care Foundation Inc. Heliport], Texas, US (524 mi / 844 km NE)
38XS Santa Elena [San Rafael Ranch Airport], Texas, US (525 mi / 844 km NE)
49TX Harlingen [Valley Baptist Medical Center Heliport], Texas, US (525 mi / 844 km NE)
TS68 Harlingen [Valley Baptist Medical Center Heliport (Vbmc)], Texas, US (525 mi / 844 km NE)
80TX Brownsville [Resaca Airstrip], Texas, US (525 mi / 844 km NE)
53XS San Benito [Kornegay Airport (Private)], Texas, US (527 mi / 848 km NE)
KHRL HRL HRL Harlingen [Valley Intl], Texas, US (528 mi / 849 km NE)
MMPS PXM Puerto Escondido [Intl], Oaxaca, MX (531 mi / 855 km SE)
XA22 Laredo [Laredo Medical Center Heliport], Texas, US (532 mi / 857 km NE)
XS64 Rio Hondo [Farm Services Inc. Airport], Texas, US (533 mi / 858 km NE)
XS56 Raymondville [Flying W Airport], Texas, US (533 mi / 858 km NE)
92TA Los Fresnos [Drennan Farm Airport], Texas, US (533 mi / 858 km NE)
MM77 Delicias [Las Delicias], Chihuahua, MX (533 mi / 858 km N)

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