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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 22°16'27"N 114°08'45"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZSQZ JJN Quanzhou (Jinjiang/Qingyang), Fujian, CN (331 mi / 533 km NE)
(ZGHY) (HNY) Hengyang [Hengyang Bajialing Airport], Hunan, CN (333 mi / 536 km N)
RCCM CMJ Cimei (Chi Mei), Pescadores Islands, TW (343 mi / 551 km E)
RCWA WOT Wang-an (Wonan), Hope Island, Pescadores Islands, TW (349 mi / 562 km E)
RCNO Dongshi, TW (359 mi / 577 km E)
RCQC MZG Magong (Makung) [Magong Airport], Penghu County, TW (361 mi / 580 km E)
ZSSM SQJ Sanming [Sanming Shaxian Airport], Fujian, CN (368 mi / 593 km NE)
ZGSY WGN Shaoyang (Wugang) [Wugang Shaoyang Airport], Hunan, CN (376 mi / 605 km NW)
ZSYC YIC Yichun [Mingyueshan Airport], Jiangxi, CN (381 mi / 613 km N)
ZGNN NNG Nanning [Wuxu Intl], Guangxi, CN (383 mi / 616 km W)
RCNN TNN Tainan, TW (390 mi / 627 km E)
ZJYX VH84 Yongxing Island [Yongxing Island Airport], Xisha Islands (Woody Island, Paracel Islands), Hainan, CN (392 mi / 631 km S)
RCAY Gangshan, TW (393 mi / 632 km E)
RCKH KHH Kaohsiung [Intl], TW (397 mi / 640 km E)
RCDC Pingtung [South], TW (405 mi / 651 km E)
ZGCS (CSX) Changsha [Datuopu Airport (Datuopu AFB)], Hunan, CN (406 mi / 653 km N)
RCSQ PIF Pingtung [North], TW (406 mi / 654 km E)
RCKU CYI Chiayi, TW (407 mi / 654 km E)
ZJSY SYX Sanya [Fenghuang Intl (Phoenix Intl)], Hainan, CN (411 mi / 662 km SW)
ZGHA CSX Changsha [Huanghua Intl], Hunan, CN (411 mi / 662 km N)

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