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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 23°06'N 114°24'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ROIG ISG Ishigaki [New Ishigaki Airport (Painushima Ishigaki Airport)], Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, JP (630 mi / 1014 km E)
RPUZ Bagabag, Luzon Island, PH (630 mi / 1014 km SE)
VVDN DAD Da Nang [Intl], VN (631 mi / 1016 km SW)
RP14 San Ramon (Isabela) [Mrmp], Luzon Island, PH (632 mi / 1016 km SE)
ZSOF HFE Hefei [Hefei Xinqiao Intl], Anhui, CN (632 mi / 1017 km N)
VVPB HUI Huê' [Phu Bai Intl], VN (634 mi / 1021 km SW)
VVDH VDH Dong Hoi, VN (636 mi / 1023 km SW)
ZHXF XFN Xiangyang (Xiangfan) [Xiangyang Liuji], Hubei, CN (636 mi / 1024 km N)
ZSNB NGB Ningbo [Lishe Intl], Zhejiang, CN (637 mi / 1025 km NE)
ZHSN HPG Shennongjia (Hongping) [Shennongjia Hongping Airport], Hubei, CN (638 mi / 1027 km N)
GC0009 Feidong [Feidong AB], Anhui, CN (639 mi / 1028 km N)
ZUBJ BFJ Bijie [Bijie Feixiong Airport], Guizhou, CN (639 mi / 1028 km NW)
ZUPS LPF Liupanshui [Liupanshui Yuezhao Airport], Guizhou, CN (639 mi / 1028 km NW)
VVVH VII Vinh City, VN (639 mi / 1028 km SW)
RPUY CYZ Cauayan, Luzon Island, PH (639 mi / 1028 km SE)
ZPWS WNH Wenshan (Yanshan County) [Wenshan Puzhehei Airport], Yunnan, CN (641 mi / 1031 km W)
ZUWX WXN Wanzhou (Wanxian) [Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport], Sichuan, CN (645 mi / 1038 km NW)
RPUI Iba, PH (646 mi / 1040 km SE)
TMK Tam-Ky, VN (646 mi / 1040 km SW)
VVCA VCL Chu Lai [Intl], VN (647 mi / 1041 km SW)

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