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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 23°48'N 120°36'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RCGM Taoyuan, TW (95 mi / 153 km NE)
RCGI GNI Lyudao (Green Island), Tao Island, TW (95 mi / 153 km SE)
RCTP TPE Taipei [Taiwan Taoyuan Intl (Chiang Kai Shek Intl)], TW (97 mi / 155 km NE)
RCMS Ilan (Yilan City), TW (98 mi / 158 km NE)
RCSS TSA Taipei [Taipei Songshan (Sung Shan)], TW (106 mi / 171 km NE)
RCKW HCN Hengchun (Wuliting), TW (121 mi / 195 km S)
RCLY KYD Lanyu (Orchid Island), TW (136 mi / 218 km SE)
ZSQZ JJN Quanzhou (Jinjiang/Qingyang), Fujian, CN (144 mi / 232 km NW)
RCBS KNH Kinmen, TW (148 mi / 238 km W)
ROYN OGN Yonaguni [Yonaguni Airport], Yonaguni Island, Okinawa, JP (157 mi / 253 km E)
ZSFZ FOC Fuzhou [Changle Airport], Fujian, CN (158 mi / 254 km N)
ZSAM XMN Xiamen [Gaoqi Intl], Fujian, CN (164 mi / 265 km W)
RCFG LZN Nangan [Matsu Nangan], MatsuTao Island, TW (167 mi / 269 km N)
RCMT MFK Beigan [Matsu Beigan], Matsu Island, TW (171 mi / 275 km N)
RORH HTR Hateruma [Hateruma Airport], Okinawa, JP (203 mi / 327 km E)
RPLT Itbayat, PH (226 mi / 364 km S)
(ROIG) (ISG) Ishigaki [Ishigaki Airport], Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, JP (230 mi / 370 km E)
ROIG ISG Ishigaki [New Ishigaki Airport (Painushima Ishigaki Airport)], Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, JP (234 mi / 376 km E)
GC0066 Shantou [Waisha AB], Guangdong, CN (245 mi / 394 km W)
(ZGOW) (SWA) Shantou [Waisha Airport], Guangdong, CN (245 mi / 394 km W)

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