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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 23°48'N 120°36'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RPUO BSO Basco, PH (247 mi / 397 km S)
ZSSM SQJ Sanming [Sanming Shaxian Airport], Fujian, CN (250 mi / 403 km NW)
ZGOW SWA Jieyang (Shantou) [Chaoshan Intl], Guangdong, CN (260 mi / 419 km W)
RORT TRA Tarama [Tarama Airport], Tarama Island, Okinawa, JP (264 mi / 425 km E)
ZSLO LCX Longyan (Liancheng) [Guanzaishan], Fujian, CN (274 mi / 442 km NW)
ZSWZ WNZ Wenzhou [Intl], Zhejiang, CN (284 mi / 456 km N)
ZGMX MXZ Meizhou (Meixian) [Meixian], Guangdong, CN (286 mi / 460 km W)
RORS SHI Shimojishima (Shimojijima, Miyakojima) [Shimojishima Airport], Shimoji Island, Okinawa, JP (295 mi / 475 km E)
ROMY MMY Miyakojima [Miyako Airport], Miyakojima Island, Okinawa, JP (304 mi / 489 km E)
ZGXN XIN Xingning, Guangdong, CN (307 mi / 494 km W)
ZSWY WUS Wuyishan [Nanping Wuyishan Airport], Fujian, CN (314 mi / 505 km NW)
ZSLQ HYN Huangyan [Luqiao], Zhejiang, CN (332 mi / 534 km N)
ZSSR SQD Shangrao [Shangrao Sanqingshan Airport], Jiangxi, CN (355 mi / 572 km NW)
ZSJU JUZ Quzhou (Juzhou), Zhejiang, CN (371 mi / 597 km N)
ZSYW YIW Yiwu, Zhejiang, CN (383 mi / 617 km N)
(ZSGZ) (KOW) Ganzhou [Ganzhou Huangjin Airport], Jiangxi, CN (384 mi / 617 km W)
ZGHZ HUZ Huizhou [Huizhou Pingtan Airport], Guangdong, CN (384 mi / 619 km W)
RPLI LAO Laoag [Intl], Luzon Island, PH (387 mi / 622 km S)
ZSGZ KOW Ganzhou (Fenggang) [Ganzhou Huangjin Airport], Jiangxi, CN (392 mi / 631 km W)
RPLH LLC Lal-lo [Cagayan North Intl (Lal-lo Intl)], Cagayan, PH (394 mi / 633 km S)

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