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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 23°48'N 120°36'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RODN DNA Okinawa [Kadena AB], Ryukyu Island, Okinawa, JP (482 mi / 776 km NE)
RP14 San Ramon (Isabela) [Mrmp], Luzon Island, PH (483 mi / 777 km S)
RO04 Katsurenheshikiya [White Beach Helipad CFAO], Okinawa, JP (490 mi / 788 km E)
ZSLS (LUZ) Lushan [Mahuiling AB], Jiangxi, CN (491 mi / 790 km NW)
ZSJJ JIU Jiujiang [Lushan], Jiangxi, CN (491 mi / 790 km NW)
RODE Iejima [Ie Shima Aux AB], Ie-Shima Island, Okinawa, JP (491 mi / 791 km NE)
RORE IEJ Iejima [Iejima Airport], Ie-Shima Island, Okinawa, JP (493 mi / 793 km NE)
RPUZ Bagabag, Luzon Island, PH (496 mi / 798 km S)
RPUS SFE San Fernando, PH (496 mi / 798 km S)
(ZSSL) Shanghai [Shanghai Longhua Airport], Shanghai, CN (510 mi / 821 km N)
ZSJH JUH Chizhou [Chizhou Jiuhuashan Airport], Anhui, CN (510 mi / 821 km N)
RPUB BAG Baguio City [Loakan Airport], PH (511 mi / 822 km S)
ZSPD PVG Shanghai [Pudong Intl], Shanghai, CN (511 mi / 822 km N)
ZSSS SHA Shanghai [Shanghai Hongqiao Intl], Shanghai, CN (511 mi / 823 km N)
ZSSZ SZV Suzhou [Guangfu], Jiangsu, CN (514 mi / 827 km N)
ZSAQ AQG Anqing, Anhui, CN (515 mi / 830 km NW)
GC0102 Shanghai [Shanghai Jiangwan Airport (Kiangwan Airfield)], Shanghai, CN (522 mi / 839 km N)
ZSWX WUX Wuxi (Suzhou) [Sunan Shuofang Intl], Jiangsu, CN (530 mi / 853 km N)
RPUG Lingayen, Luzon Island, PH (535 mi / 860 km S)
RORY RNJ Yoron [Yoron Airport], Yoron Island, Satsunan Islands, Kagoshima, JP (536 mi / 863 km NE)

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