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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 23°48'N 120°36'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
NCP Luzon Island [Metro Area], PH (537 mi / 865 km S)
ZGHY HNY Hengyang (Yunji Town) [Hengyang Nanyue Airport], Hunan, CN (538 mi / 867 km NW)
ZSWU WHU Wuhu [Wuhu AB], Anhui, CN (540 mi / 868 km N)
(ZGHY) (HNY) Hengyang [Hengyang Bajialing Airport], Hunan, CN (542 mi / 873 km NW)
ZGHA CSX Changsha [Huanghua Intl], Hunan, CN (550 mi / 884 km NW)
ZSNJ NKG Nanjing [Nanjing Lukou Intl], Jiangsu, CN (557 mi / 897 km N)
RPUR BQA Baler, Luzon Island, PH (558 mi / 898 km S)
ZGCS (CSX) Changsha [Datuopu Airport (Datuopu AFB)], Hunan, CN (559 mi / 900 km NW)
ZSCG CZX Changzhou, Jiangsu, CN (561 mi / 903 km N)
RJKB OKE Okinoerabu (Wadomari) [Okinoerabu Airport], Satsunan Islands, Kagoshima, JP (564 mi / 907 km NE)
ZSNT NTG Nantong [Xingdong Airport], Jiangsu, CN (570 mi / 917 km N)
RPUC Cabanatuan, PH (574 mi / 923 km S)
RPLV Santa Rosa [Fort Magsaysay AB], Nueva Ecija, PH (576 mi / 927 km S)
ZSRG RUG Rugao [Rugao AB], Jiangsu, CN (582 mi / 937 km N)
RPUI Iba, PH (584 mi / 940 km S)
(ZSOF) (HFE) Hefei [Hefei Luogang Intl], Anhui, CN (585 mi / 942 km N)
RJKN TKN Tokunoshima [Tokunoshima Airport], Satsunan Islands, Kagoshima, JP (586 mi / 943 km NE)
GC0009 Feidong [Feidong AB], Anhui, CN (587 mi / 944 km N)
ZGLG LLF Yongzhou [Yongzhou Lingling Airport], Hunan, CN (590 mi / 949 km W)
ZGYY YYA Yueyang [Sanhe Airport], Hunan, CN (591 mi / 951 km NW)

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