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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 25°01'52"N 121°30'37"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZSCN KHN Nanchang [Nanchang Changbei Intl], Jiangxi, CN (435 mi / 700 km NW)
ZSJA JGS Ji'an [Jinggangshan], Jiangxi, CN (440 mi / 708 km W)
ZSWX WUX Wuxi (Suzhou) [Sunan Shuofang Intl], Jiangsu, CN (450 mi / 724 km N)
RORY RNJ Yoron [Yoron Airport], Yoron Island, Satsunan Islands, Kagoshima, JP (450 mi / 725 km E)
ZSJH JUH Chizhou [Chizhou Jiuhuashan Airport], Anhui, CN (457 mi / 736 km NW)
ZGHZ HUZ Huizhou [Huizhou Pingtan Airport], Guangdong, CN (457 mi / 736 km W)
ZSLS (LUZ) Lushan [Mahuiling AB], Jiangxi, CN (466 mi / 750 km NW)
ZSJJ JIU Jiujiang [Lushan], Jiangxi, CN (466 mi / 750 km NW)
ZSAQ AQG Anqing, Anhui, CN (470 mi / 756 km NW)
RPLH LLC Lal-lo [Cagayan North Intl (Lal-lo Intl)], Cagayan, PH (472 mi / 759 km S)
RPLI LAO Laoag [Intl], Luzon Island, PH (476 mi / 766 km S)
RJKB OKE Okinoerabu (Wadomari) [Okinoerabu Airport], Satsunan Islands, Kagoshima, JP (476 mi / 766 km E)
ZSWU WHU Wuhu [Wuhu AB], Anhui, CN (477 mi / 768 km NW)
ZSYC YIC Yichun [Mingyueshan Airport], Jiangxi, CN (485 mi / 781 km NW)
ZSNT NTG Nantong [Xingdong Airport], Jiangsu, CN (486 mi / 782 km N)
ZSCG CZX Changzhou, Jiangsu, CN (486 mi / 782 km N)
XHO Dongguan [City Bus Station], Guangdong, CN (489 mi / 787 km W)
ZSNJ NKG Nanjing [Nanjing Lukou Intl], Jiangsu, CN (489 mi / 788 km N)
RJKN TKN Tokunoshima [Tokunoshima Airport], Satsunan Islands, Kagoshima, JP (496 mi / 798 km NE)
(VHHH) (HKG) Hong Kong [Intl - Kai Tak], HK (499 mi / 804 km W)

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