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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 27°18'S 17°24'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FARI RVO Reivilo [Reivilo Airport], North West, ZA (416 mi / 670 km E)
FBKG Kang [Kang Airport], Kgalagadi, BW (420 mi / 676 km NE)
FAMY Malmesbury, Western Cape, ZA (432 mi / 695 km S)
FYME MJO Mount Etjo (Mount Etjo Safari Lodge, Okonjati Game Reserve) [Mount Etjo Airport], Otjozondjupa, NA (436 mi / 702 km N)
FAVW Victoria West, Northern Cape, ZA (448 mi / 720 km SE)
FAVB VRU Vryburg [Vryburg Airport], North West, ZA (452 mi / 727 km E)
FAFK Fisantekraal [Fisantekraal Airport], Western Cape, ZA (453 mi / 729 km S)
FAWC Worcester [Worcester Airport], Western Cape, ZA (455 mi / 732 km S)
FAYP Cape Town [AFB Ysterplaat], Western Cape, ZA (459 mi / 739 km S)
FAKM KIM Kimberley [Kimberley Airport], Northern Cape, ZA (462 mi / 743 km E)
FADA De Aar, Northern Cape, ZA (464 mi / 747 km SE)
FACT CPT Cape Town [Cape Town Intl (D.F. Malan)], Western Cape, ZA (465 mi / 749 km S)
FABW Beaufort West, Western Cape, ZA (468 mi / 753 km SE)
FASH Stellenbosch [Stellenbosch Airport], Western Cape, ZA (468 mi / 753 km S)
FAVF Verborgenfontein, Northern Cape, ZA (469 mi / 755 km SE)
FBGZ GNZ Ghanzi [Ghanzi Airport], Ghanzi, BW (470 mi / 756 km NE)
FARS ROD Robertson [Robertson Airfield], Western Cape, ZA (473 mi / 761 km S)
FYOW OTJ Otjiwarongo, NA (475 mi / 765 km N)
FAAS Ashton [Ashton Airport], Western Cape, ZA (476 mi / 766 km S)
FAPV Petrusville, Northern Cape, ZA (480 mi / 772 km SE)

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