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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 3°18'N 171°00'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
PCIS CIS Kanton Island (Canton Island, Abariringa Island) [Canton Island Airport], Phoenix Islands, KI (420 mi / 676 km S)
(PBAR) (BAR) Baker Island, UM (435 mi / 700 km SW)
PLPA P16 Palmyra Island Atoll [Palmyra Airport (Cooper)], UM (641 mi / 1032 km E)
PLWN TNQ Teraina (Teeraina, Washington Island), Line Islands, KI (738 mi / 1188 km E)
PLUR Jarvis Island, UM (801 mi / 1289 km E)
PLFA TNV Tabuaeran Island (Fanning Island), Line Islands, KI (803 mi / 1292 km E)
NGNU NIG Nikunau, Gilbert Islands, KI (926 mi / 1491 km W)
(PJON) (JON) Johnston Island [Johnston Atoll Airport], UM (928 mi / 1494 km N)
PRNM Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument [Pacific Remote Islands Marine NM], UM (930 mi / 1497 km N)
NGTR AIS Arorae Island, Gilbert Islands, KI (936 mi / 1507 km SW)
PLCH CXI Christmas Island (Kiritimati) [Cassidy Intl], Line Islands, KI (947 mi / 1525 km E)
NGBR BEZ Beru, Gilbert Islands, KI (954 mi / 1535 km W)
NGTM TMN Tamana Island, Gilbert Islands, KI (985 mi / 1585 km SW)
NGON OOT Onotoa, Gilbert Islands, KI (995 mi / 1602 km W)
NGTS TSU Tabiteuea South, Gilbert Islands, KI (1018 mi / 1638 km W)
NGTE TBF Tabiteuea North (Bown), Gilbert Islands, KI (1031 mi / 1660 km W)
NCPK Pukapuka Island (Te Ulu-o-te-Watu, Danger Island), CK (1038 mi / 1670 km S)
NGTO NON Nonouti, Gilbert Islands, KI (1043 mi / 1679 km W)
NGFU FUN Funafuti Atoll [Intl], TV (1057 mi / 1701 km SW)
NGTB AEA Abemama Atoll, Gilbert Islands, KI (1066 mi / 1716 km W)

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