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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 3°52'N 11°31'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FO02 Babetville [Babetville Airport], GA (269 mi / 433 km S)
GIM Miele Mimbale, Ogooué-Ivindo, GA (270 mi / 435 km S)
GKO Kongo Boumba (Kongoboumba) [Kongo Boumba Airport], Ogooué-Ivindo, GA (271 mi / 437 km S)
FOGB BGB Booue [Booue Airport], Ogooué-Ivindo, GA (274 mi / 441 km S)
FOOL LBV Libreville [Léon M'Ba Intl], Estuaire, GA (276 mi / 444 km SW)
FKKN NGE N'Gaoundéré [N'Gaoundéré Airport (Ngaoundéré Airport)], Adamaoua, CM (278 mi / 447 km NE)
OWE Owendo, Estuaire, GA (282 mi / 454 km SW)
FOGJ KDJ N'Djolé [Ville Airport], Moyen-Ogooué, GA (283 mi / 456 km S)
FK11 Moloundou [Moloundou Airport], East, CM (285 mi / 459 km SE)
FEFT BBT Berberati, Haute-Sangha/Mambéré-Kadéï, CF (296 mi / 476 km E)
FEFC CRF Carnot, Haute-Sangha/Mambéré-Kadéï, CF (311 mi / 500 km E)
WGY La Wagny [La Wagny Airport], Ogooué-Lolo, GA (311 mi / 501 km S)
DNIM QOW Owerri [Sam Mbakwe Airport (Imo Start Airport)], Imo, NG (316 mi / 508 km W)
PHG Port Harcourt [Port Harcourt NAF Base (Port Harcourt City Airport)], Rivers, NG (317 mi / 511 km W)
FEFO BOP Bouar, Nana-Mambéré, CF (318 mi / 512 km NE)
FPPR PCP Santo António [Príncipe Airport], Príncipe, ST (321 mi / 517 km SW)
DNPO PHC Port Harcourt (Omagwa) [Port Harcourt Intl], Rivers, NG (325 mi / 523 km W)
DNEN ENU Enugu [Akanu Ibiam Intl], Enugu, NG (326 mi / 525 km NW)
FOGR LBQ Lambaréné [Lambaréné Airport], Moyen-Ogooué, GA (326 mi / 525 km S)
FO15 Petit Bambam [Petit Bambam Airport], GA (327 mi / 526 km SW)

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