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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 30°48'N 130°12'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
CA97 Santa Barbara [Christy Airstrip], California, US (644 mi / 1036 km NE)
3CA7 Greenfield [Metz Airport], California, US (644 mi / 1037 km NE)
5CL1 Santa Margarita [Hart Ranch Airport], California, US (644 mi / 1037 km NE)
KIZA SQA IZA Santa Ynez, California, US (645 mi / 1038 km NE)
5CA1 San Ardo [Chevron - San Ardo Heliport], California, US (646 mi / 1039 km NE)
0CA4 Santa Ynez [Shepherd Farm Airport], California, US (646 mi / 1040 km NE)
CA88 San Ardo [San Ardo Field], California, US (646 mi / 1040 km NE)
KSYL SYL SYL Camp Roberts/San Miguel [Roberts Army Heliport], California, US (647 mi / 1041 km NE)
KPRB PRB PRB Paso Robles [Muni], California, US (648 mi / 1042 km NE)
0CA3 Santa Ynez [Crawford Airport], California, US (648 mi / 1043 km NE)
15CA Palo Alto [Stanford Health Care East Heliport], California, US (648 mi / 1043 km NE)
KSQL SQL SQL San Carlos, California, US (649 mi / 1044 km NE)
KSFO SFO SFO San Francisco [Intl], California, US (649 mi / 1044 km NE)
16CA San Francisco [Police Pistol Range Heliport], California, US (649 mi / 1044 km NE)
45CA Santa Clara [Kaiser Permanente Medical Center Santa Clara Heliport], California, US (651 mi / 1047 km NE)
PINN Pinnacles National Park [Pinnacles NP], California, US (651 mi / 1048 km NE)
95CA Whitley Garden [Bonel Airport], California, US (651 mi / 1048 km NE)
CN02 San Francisco [San Francisco Va Medical Center Heliport], California, US (652 mi / 1049 km NE)
KPAO PAO PAO Palo Alto, California, US (652 mi / 1049 km NE)
KNSI NSI San Nicolas Island [San Nicolas Island NOLF Airport], California, US (652 mi / 1050 km E)

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