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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 30°48'N 130°12'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
2O3 Angwin [Angwin-Parrett Field], California, US (694 mi / 1118 km NE)
36CA Stratford [Stone Land Co. Airport], California, US (694 mi / 1118 km NE)
1Q4 Tracy [New Jerusalem Airport], California, US (695 mi / 1119 km NE)
CN99 Patterson [Del Mar Farms Airport], California, US (695 mi / 1119 km NE)
L62 Buttonwillow [Elk Hills-Buttonwillow Airport], California, US (696 mi / 1120 km NE)
CA74 Tracy [Skydive California Airport], California, US (696 mi / 1120 km NE)
CN01 Fort Bragg [Mendocino Coast District Hospital Heliport], California, US (696 mi / 1121 km NE)
KUKI UKI UKI Ukiah [Muni], California, US (697 mi / 1122 km NE)
CA32 San Joaquin, California, US (697 mi / 1123 km NE)
05CL Pope Valley, California, US (698 mi / 1123 km NE)
KSUU SUU SUU Fairfield [Travis AFB], California, US (698 mi / 1123 km NE)
96CL Newbury Park [Ranch Heliport], California, US (698 mi / 1123 km E)
F34 Firebaugh, California, US (698 mi / 1123 km NE)
M90 Mendota [William Robert Johnston Muni], California, US (698 mi / 1124 km NE)
CN44 Modesto [Flying Bull Airport], California, US (698 mi / 1124 km NE)
CL84 Hilmar [Ahlem Farms Airport], California, US (699 mi / 1124 km NE)
39CN Ukiah [Ukiah Valley Medical Center Heliport], California, US (699 mi / 1125 km NE)
92CA Stratford [Westlake Farms Airport], California, US (699 mi / 1125 km NE)
FOB 82CL Fort Bragg, California, US (699 mi / 1125 km NE)
KNUC NUC San Clemente Island [NALF San Clemente Island (Frederick Sherman Field)], California, US (699 mi / 1125 km E)

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