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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 31°23'34"N 116°19'57"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZSOF HFE Hefei [Hefei Xinqiao Intl], Anhui, CN (56 mi / 90 km NE)
(ZSOF) (HFE) Hefei [Hefei Luogang Intl], Anhui, CN (63 mi / 101 km NE)
ZSAQ AQG Anqing, Anhui, CN (70 mi / 113 km SE)
GC0009 Feidong [Feidong AB], Anhui, CN (86 mi / 138 km NE)
ZSJH JUH Chizhou [Chizhou Jiuhuashan Airport], Anhui, CN (92 mi / 148 km SE)
ZSFY FUG Fuyang, Anhui, CN (108 mi / 174 km N)
ZSBB BFU Bengbu, Anhui, CN (116 mi / 186 km NE)
ZSWU WHU Wuhu [Wuhu AB], Anhui, CN (123 mi / 198 km E)
ZHHH WUH Wuhan [Wuhan Tianhe Intl], Hubei, CN (132 mi / 213 km W)
(ZHWT) Wuhan [Hankou Wangjiaddun Airport], Hubei, CN (136 mi / 218 km SW)
ZSLS (LUZ) Lushan [Mahuiling AB], Jiangxi, CN (136 mi / 218 km S)
ZSJJ JIU Jiujiang [Lushan], Jiangxi, CN (136 mi / 218 km S)
ZSJD JDZ Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, CN (150 mi / 242 km S)
ZSNJ NKG Nanjing [Nanjing Lukou Intl], Jiangsu, CN (151 mi / 243 km E)
ZHXY XAI Xinyang (Minggang) [Xinyang Minggang Airport (Minggang AB)], Henan, CN (154 mi / 248 km NW)
ZSTX TXN Huangshan [Tunxi Intl], Anhui, CN (162 mi / 261 km SE)
ZSCN KHN Nanchang [Nanchang Changbei Intl], Jiangxi, CN (176 mi / 283 km S)
ZS14 Nanchang [Nanchang New], Jiangxi, CN (191 mi / 308 km S)
ZSXZ XUZ Xuzhou [Xuzhou Guanyin Intl], Jiangsu, CN (197 mi / 317 km N)
(ZSXZ) (XUZ) Xuzhou [Chiu Li Shan], Jiangsu, CN (205 mi / 331 km N)

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