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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 32°21'S 22°35'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FASH Stellenbosch [Stellenbosch Airport], Western Cape, ZA (245 mi / 395 km SW)
FAKV Koffyfontein, Free State, ZA (247 mi / 398 km NE)
FAQT UTW Queenstown [Queenstown Airport], Eastern Cape, ZA (254 mi / 408 km E)
FACT CPT Cape Town [Cape Town Intl (D.F. Malan)], Western Cape, ZA (256 mi / 412 km SW)
FAYP Cape Town [AFB Ysterplaat], Western Cape, ZA (260 mi / 418 km SW)
FALW SDB Langebaanweg (Saldanha Bay) [AFB Langebaanweg], Western Cape, ZA (261 mi / 421 km W)
FAPA AFD Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, ZA (263 mi / 423 km E)
FACX Cathcart, Eastern Cape, ZA (267 mi / 429 km E)
FAAN Aliwal North, Free State, ZA (270 mi / 435 km NE)
FAKK Kakamas, Northern Cape, ZA (271 mi / 436 km NW)
FASD Saldanha Vredenburg, Western Cape, ZA (272 mi / 438 km W)
FABE BIY Bhisho, Eastern Cape, ZA (276 mi / 445 km E)
FAKM KIM Kimberley [Kimberley Airport], Northern Cape, ZA (277 mi / 445 km NE)
FAPT Postmasburg [Postmasburg Airport], Northern Cape, ZA (278 mi / 448 km N)
FALC LMR Lime Acres (Finsch Mine) [Finsch Mine Airport], Northern Cape, ZA (280 mi / 450 km N)
FATF Beeshoek (Tsantsabane) [Tommy's Field], Northern Cape, ZA (283 mi / 455 km N)
FAUP UTN Upington [Intl], Northern Cape, ZA (283 mi / 456 km N)
FAVA Vaalputs, Northern Cape, ZA (284 mi / 457 km NW)
FAIW Indwe, Eastern Cape, ZA (286 mi / 460 km E)
FAPD Pofadder, Northern Cape, ZA (291 mi / 468 km NW)

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