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Location codes 61-80 of 200 near location 34°41'39"N 137°33'39"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RJSF FKS Fukushima (Tamakawa) [Fukushima Airport], Fukushima, JP (237 mi / 382 km NE)
SDO Ryotsu, Sado Island, Niigata, JP (239 mi / 384 km N)
RJSN KIJ Niigata [Niigata Airport], Niigata, JP (241 mi / 388 km N)
RJOH YGJ Yonago [Miho-Yonago Airport (Yonago Airort, Miho AB)], Tottori, JP (251 mi / 404 km W)
IHA Niihama, Ehime, JP (255 mi / 410 km W)
RJNO OKI Okinoshima (Oki-Gunto) [Oki Airport], Shimane, JP (260 mi / 418 km NW)
RJOA HIJ Hiroshima (Mihara) [Hiroshima Airport], Hiroshima, JP (265 mi / 427 km W)
RJOC IZO Izumo (Hikawa) [Izumo Airport], Shimane, JP (269 mi / 433 km W)
RJOM MYJ Matsuyama [Matsuyama Airport], Skikoku, Ehime, JP (285 mi / 458 km W)
RJBH HIW Hiroshima [Hiroshima-Nishi Airport (Hiroshima West)], Hiroshima, JP (294 mi / 474 km W)
RJSC GAJ Yamagata (Higashine) [Yamagata Airport], Yamagata, JP (300 mi / 483 km NE)
RJSS SDJ Sendai (Natori) [Sendai Airport], Miyagi, JP (302 mi / 487 km NE)
RJOI IWK Iwakuni [MCAS Iwakuni], Yamaguchi, JP (306 mi / 493 km W)
RJSU Kasuminome, Miyagi, JP (308 mi / 495 km NE)
RJSY SYO Shonai (Sakata) [Shonai Airport], Yamagata, JP (310 mi / 498 km NE)
RJST Matsushima, Miyagi, JP (327 mi / 526 km NE)
RJOW IWJ Iwami (Masuda) [Iwami Airport], Shimane, JP (329 mi / 529 km W)
RJFO OIT Oita (Kunisaki) [Oita Airport], Oita, JP (344 mi / 554 km W)
RJOF Hofu, Yamaguchi, JP (347 mi / 558 km W)
BPU Beppu, Oita, JP (359 mi / 578 km W)

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