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Location codes 181-200 of 200 near location 35°10'07"N 108°16'53"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZPYM YUA Yuanmou [Yuanmou Airport], Yunnan, CN (753 mi / 1212 km SW)
ZPLJ LJG Lijiang [Lijiang Sanyi Airport], Yunnan, CN (754 mi / 1214 km SW)
ZSJU JUZ Quzhou (Juzhou), Zhejiang, CN (755 mi / 1215 km SE)
(ZSGZ) (KOW) Ganzhou [Ganzhou Huangjin Airport], Jiangxi, CN (755 mi / 1215 km SE)
ZGZH LZH Liuzhou [Bailian], Guangxi, CN (758 mi / 1220 km S)
ZSNT NTG Nantong [Xingdong Airport], Jiangsu, CN (762 mi / 1227 km E)
ZLGM GOQ Golmud [Golmud Airport], Qinghai, CN (762 mi / 1227 km W)
ZPPP KMG Kunming [Kunming Changshui Intl], Yunnan, CN (763 mi / 1228 km SW)
HSC Shaoguan [Shaoguan Guitou Airport (Shaoguan AB)], Guangdong, CN (766 mi / 1233 km SE)
ZSWY WUS Wuyishan [Nanping Wuyishan Airport], Fujian, CN (770 mi / 1239 km SE)
ZYXC XEN Xingcheng, Liaoning, CN (774 mi / 1245 km NE)
(ZPPP) (KMG) Kunming [Kunming Wujiaba Intl], Yunnan, CN (775 mi / 1247 km SW)
ZYTL DLC Dalian [Zhoushuizi Intl], Liaoning, CN (777 mi / 1251 km NE)
ZSHC HGH Hangzhou [Xiaoshan Intl (Jianqiao Airport)], Zhejiang, CN (785 mi / 1263 km E)
ZSWH WEH Weihai (Wendeng) [Dashuipo Airport], Shandong, CN (791 mi / 1273 km E)
ZYCY CHG Chaoyang, Liaoning, CN (792 mi / 1274 km NE)
ZGBS AEB Baise (Bose) [Baise Bama Airport (Baise Youjiang Airport, Tianyang Airport)], Guangxi, CN (793 mi / 1275 km S)
ZSYW YIW Yiwu, Zhejiang, CN (796 mi / 1280 km SE)
ZSSS SHA Shanghai [Shanghai Hongqiao Intl], Shanghai, CN (804 mi / 1293 km E)
ZYJZ (JNZ) Jinzhou [Jinzhou Xiaolingzi Airport], Liaoning, CN (806 mi / 1298 km NE)

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