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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 35°10'07"N 108°16'53"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZBLL LLV Lüliang [Lüliang Airport], Shaanxi, CN (235 mi / 379 km NE)
ZLZW ZHY Zhongwei [Zhongwei Shapotou Airport (Zhongwei Xiangshan Airport)], Ningxia, CN (241 mi / 387 km NW)
ZLIC INC Yinchuan [Hedong], Ningxia, CN (241 mi / 388 km NW)
ZUGU GYS Guangyuan (Guang Yuan), Sichuan, CN (242 mi / 390 km SW)
ZUBZ BZX Bazhong [Bazhong Enyang Airport], Sichuan, CN (255 mi / 410 km S)
ZL17 Yinchuan [Helanshan], Ningxia, CN (261 mi / 421 km NW)
ZLLD LZD Lanzhou [Lanzhoudong], Gansu, CN (268 mi / 431 km W)
ZLAN (LHW) Lanzhou [Lanzhou City], Gansu, CN (271 mi / 435 km W)
ZHSN HPG Shennongjia (Hongping) [Shennongjia Hongping Airport], Hubei, CN (271 mi / 436 km SE)
ZHGH LHK Guanghua, Hubei, CN (274 mi / 441 km SE)
ZLLL LHW Lanzhou [Lanzhou Zhongchuan Intl (Lanzhou West)], Gansu, CN (278 mi / 447 km W)
ZBCZ CIH Changzhi [Changzhi Wangcun Airport], Shaanxi, CN (282 mi / 454 km E)
ZUDX DAX Dazhou (Dachuan) [Dazhou Heshi Airport (Daxian Airport)], Sichuan, CN (283 mi / 455 km S)
ZHNY NNY Nanyang, Henan, CN (291 mi / 468 km SE)
ZBAL AXF Bayanhot [Alxa Left Banner Bayanhot Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (292 mi / 469 km NW)
ZBYN TYN Taiyuan [Taiyuan Wusu Intl], Shaanxi, CN (300 mi / 484 km NE)
ZUWX WXN Wanzhou (Wanxian) [Wanzhou Wuqiao Airport], Sichuan, CN (301 mi / 485 km S)
ZUJZ JZH Jiuzhaigou (Songpan) [Jiuzhaigou Huanglong], Sichuan, CN (308 mi / 496 km SW)
ZBDS DSN Ordos (Dongsheng) [Ordos Ejin Horo Airport (Dongsheng Airport)], Inner Mongolia, CN (311 mi / 500 km N)
ZULP LIA Liangping, Sichuan, CN (311 mi / 500 km S)

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