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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 35°10'07"N 108°16'53"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZHXF XFN Xiangyang (Xiangfan) [Xiangyang Liuji], Hubei, CN (311 mi / 500 km SE)
ZHCC CGO Zhengzhou [Xinzheng Airport], Henan, CN (319 mi / 513 km E)
ZLXH GXH Xiahe [Gannan Xiahe Airport], Gansu, CN (321 mi / 516 km W)
ZBUH WUA Wuhai [Wuhai Regional], Inner Mongolia, CN (329 mi / 530 km N)
ZUMY MIG Mianyang (Mian Yang), Sichuan, CN (329 mi / 530 km SW)
ZUNC NAO Nanchong, Sichuan, CN (330 mi / 532 km SW)
ZHES ENH Enshi, Hubei, CN (341 mi / 549 km S)
ZHAY AYN Anyang, Henan, CN (348 mi / 559 km E)
ZBXZ WUT Xinzhou (Dingxiang) [Xinzhou Wutaishan Airport (Dingxiang Airport)], Shanxi, CN (351 mi / 565 km NE)
ZBHD HDG Handan, Hebei, CN (357 mi / 575 km E)
ZHYC YIH Yichang, Hubei, CN (360 mi / 580 km SE)
ZLXN XNN Xining (Haidong) [Xining Caojiabao Airport], Qinghai, CN (362 mi / 583 km W)
ZBXT XNT Xingtai [Xingtai Dalian Airport], Hubei, CN (364 mi / 586 km E)
ZUGH GHN Guanghan (Guanyin) [Chongdu/Changhan], Sichuan, CN (370 mi / 596 km SW)
ZLWW Nanning [Nanning Wuwei Airport], Gansu, CN (373 mi / 600 km NW)
ZHXY XAI Xinyang (Minggang) [Xinyang Minggang Airport (Minggang AB)], Henan, CN (379 mi / 610 km SE)
ZBOW BAV Baotou [Baotou Erliban Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (383 mi / 617 km N)
ZUHY AHJ Hongyuan [Hongyuan Airport], Aba, Sichuan, CN (386 mi / 622 km SW)
ZUCK CKG Chongqing [Jiangbei Airport], Chongqing, CN (387 mi / 624 km S)
ZUQJ JIQ Qianjiang (Zhoubai) [Qianjiang Wulingshan Airport], Chongqing, CN (391 mi / 629 km S)

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