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Location codes 81-100 of 200 near location 35°10'07"N 108°16'53"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZGCD CGD Changde, Hunan, CN (474 mi / 762 km SE)
ZBUC UCB Ulanqab (Wulanchabu) [Ulanqab Jining Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (488 mi / 785 km NE)
ZLZY YZY Zhangye [Zhangye Ganzhou Airport (Zhangye Southeast AB)], Gansu, CN (490 mi / 788 km NW)
ZUYB YBP Yibin, Sichuan, CN (490 mi / 789 km SW)
ZGYY YYA Yueyang [Sanhe Airport], Hunan, CN (498 mi / 802 km SE)
ZUTR TEN Tongren (Daxing), Guizhou, CN (506 mi / 814 km S)
(ZSXZ) (XUZ) Xuzhou [Chiu Li Shan], Jiangsu, CN (509 mi / 820 km E)
ZUZY ZYI Zunyi [Xinzhou], Guizhou, CN (511 mi / 822 km S)
ZSJN TNA Jinan [Yaoqiang Intl], Shandong, CN (514 mi / 827 km E)
ZUKD KGT Kangding [Kangding Airport], Sichuan, CN (515 mi / 829 km SW)
ZUMT WMT Zunyi [Maotai Airport], Guizhou, CN (519 mi / 836 km S)
ZBZJ ZQZ Zhangjiakou [Zhangjiakou Ningyuan Airport (Zhangjiakou AB)], Hubei, CN (528 mi / 850 km NE)
ZSXZ XUZ Xuzhou [Xuzhou Guanyin Intl], Jiangsu, CN (534 mi / 859 km E)
ZBAD PKX Beijing [Beijing Daxing Intl], CN (538 mi / 866 km NE)
ZGCJ HJJ Huaihua [Zhijiang Airport], Hunan, CN (539 mi / 867 km S)
ZSBB BFU Bengbu, Anhui, CN (543 mi / 873 km E)
ZBNY NAY Beijing (Peking) [Beijing Nanyuan Airport], Beijing, CN (547 mi / 880 km NE)
ZSOF HFE Hefei [Hefei Xinqiao Intl], Anhui, CN (547 mi / 880 km E)
GC0034 Beijing [Tiananmen Square], Beijing, CN (552 mi / 888 km NE)
BJS Beijing (Peking) [Metro Area], Beijing, CN (553 mi / 891 km NE)

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