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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 35°10'07"N 108°16'53"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZMBR Bulagtai, Ömnögovi, MN (632 mi / 1018 km N)
ZLJQ JGN Jiayuguan City [Jiayuguan Airport (Jiuquan Airport)], Gansu, CN (634 mi / 1021 km NW)
ZS14 Nanchang [Nanchang New], Jiangxi, CN (636 mi / 1023 km SE)
ZGHY HNY Hengyang (Yunji Town) [Hengyang Nanyue Airport], Hunan, CN (636 mi / 1024 km SE)
ZGLG LLF Yongzhou [Yongzhou Lingling Airport], Hunan, CN (640 mi / 1029 km S)
ZSWU WHU Wuhu [Wuhu AB], Anhui, CN (641 mi / 1032 km E)
ZS19 Nanchang [Nanchang Xiangtang AB], Jiangxi, CN (646 mi / 1040 km SE)
ZSNJ NKG Nanjing [Nanjing Lukou Intl], Jiangsu, CN (655 mi / 1054 km E)
ZSJD JDZ Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, CN (657 mi / 1058 km SE)
ZMGT Ovoot Tolgoi (Nariin Sukhait) [Ovoot Airport], Ömnögovi, MN (658 mi / 1058 km NW)
ZLYS YUS Yushu [Yushu Batang Airport], Qinghai, CN (665 mi / 1070 km W)
ZBDH BPE Qinhuangdao [Qinhuangdao Beidaihe Airport], Hubei, CN (669 mi / 1076 km NE)
ZULB LLB Libo County [Libo Airport], Guizhou, CN (670 mi / 1078 km S)
ZBCD CDE Chengde [Puning Airport], Hebei, CN (672 mi / 1082 km NE)
ZSYA YTY Yangzhou [Taizhou Airport (Yangtai Airport)], Jiangsu, CN (681 mi / 1096 km E)
ZSQD TAO Qingdao [Liuting Intl], Shandong, CN (684 mi / 1100 km E)
ZMSH Sainshand [Sainshand Airport], Dornogovi, MN (685 mi / 1102 km N)
ZPNL NLH Ninglang (Lugu Lake, Luguhu) [Ninglang Luguhu Airport], Yunnan, CN (688 mi / 1107 km SW)
ZSJA JGS Ji'an [Jinggangshan], Jiangxi, CN (688 mi / 1108 km SE)
ZSYN YNZ Yancheng, Jiangsu, CN (692 mi / 1114 km E)

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