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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 37°08'36"N 88°24'27"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
16IN Evansville [Deaconess Hospital Heliport], Indiana, US (74 mi / 119 km NE)
TN93 Clarksville [Gateway Medical Center Heliport], Tennessee, US (74 mi / 119 km SE)
3EV Evansville [Skylane Airport], Indiana, US (75 mi / 120 km NE)
TN23 Clarksville [Titan Field], Tennessee, US (75 mi / 121 km SE)
1II6 Evansville [St. Mary's Medical Center Heliport], Indiana, US (75 mi / 121 km NE)
TN60 Nashville [WSMV-TV Heliport], Tennessee, US (75 mi / 121 km SE)
14IS Du Quoin [Marshall Browning Hospital Heliport], Illinois, US (76 mi / 122 km NW)
15IN New Harmony [Bugtown Airport], Indiana, US (76 mi / 122 km NE)
II89 St. Wendel [Lockyear Airport], Indiana, US (76 mi / 123 km NE)
88IN Poseyville [Seib Airport], Indiana, US (76 mi / 123 km NE)
6TN8 Camden [Valley Regional Heliport], Tennessee, US (77 mi / 124 km S)
0MU8 Millersville [Prince Airport], Missouri, US (77 mi / 124 km W)
IN59 Newburgh [Jerry W Humphrey SPB], Indiana, US (77 mi / 124 km NE)
4TN7 Huntingdon [BMH-H Heliport], Tennessee, US (77 mi / 124 km S)
5II5 St. Wendel [Koester Field], Indiana, US (78 mi / 125 km NE)
KPJY PJY Pinckneyville [Pinckneyville-Du Quoin Airport], Illinois, US (78 mi / 125 km NW)
3KY1 Utica [Goode Airpark], Kentucky, US (78 mi / 126 km NE)
KEIW EIW New Madrid [County Memorial Airport], Missouri, US (78 mi / 126 km SW)
3II2 Griffin [Fifer Field Ultralight Flightpark], Indiana, US (78 mi / 126 km N)
KEVV EVV EVV Evansville [Evansville Regional], Indiana, US (78 mi / 126 km NE)

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