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Location codes 41-60 of 200 near location 37°24'16"N 140°59'00"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
RJNW NTQ Wajima [Noto Airport], Ishikawa, JP (222 mi / 357 km W)
RJSM MSJ Misawa [Misawa Airport / Misawa AB], Aomori, JP (228 mi / 368 km N)
RJSA AOJ Aomori, Aomori, JP (230 mi / 371 km N)
RJAN Niijima, Niijima Island, Izu Islands, Tokyo, JP (230 mi / 371 km SW)
RJNY Shizuhama, Shizuoka, JP (233 mi / 376 km SW)
RJNS FSZ Shizuoka (Makinohara City, Shimada City) [Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport], Shizuoka, JP (238 mi / 383 km SW)
RJTQ MYE Miyakejima [Miyakejima Airport], Miyakejima, Tokyo, JP (243 mi / 391 km S)
RJAZ Kozushima [Kozushima Airport], Kozushima Island, Izu Islands, Tokyo, JP (245 mi / 394 km SW)
RJNH Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, JP (259 mi / 417 km SW)
QKW Kanazawa, Ishikawa, JP (261 mi / 420 km W)
RJNK KMQ Komatsu (Kanazawa) [Komatsu Airport], Ishikawa, JP (263 mi / 423 km W)
RJSO Ominato [JASDF], Aomori, JP (264 mi / 425 km N)
RJNG QGU Gifu [Gifu Air Airfield (JASDF)], Gifu, JP (268 mi / 431 km SW)
RJNA NKM Nagoya [Nagoya Airport / Komaki AB], Aichi, JP (271 mi / 435 km SW)
RJNF FKJ Fukui (Harue) [Fukui Airport], Fukui, JP (278 mi / 447 km W)
RJGG NGO Nagoya (Tokoname) [Chubu Centrair Intl (Central Japan Intl)], Aichi, JP (292 mi / 470 km SW)
RJCH HKD Hakodate [Hakodate Airport], Hokkaido, JP (301 mi / 485 km N)
RJTH HAC Hachijojima [Hachijojima Airport], Tokyo, JP (303 mi / 488 km S)
RJOE Akeno [Akeno AB], Mie, JP (312 mi / 503 km SW)
RJ04 Shikabe, Hokkaido, JP (320 mi / 516 km N)

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