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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 39°03'44"N 106°33'32"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZL17 Yinchuan [Helanshan], Ningxia, CN (50 mi / 80 km SW)
ZLIC INC Yinchuan [Hedong], Ningxia, CN (52 mi / 83 km S)
ZBUH WUA Wuhai [Wuhai Regional], Inner Mongolia, CN (52 mi / 84 km N)
ZBAL AXF Bayanhot [Alxa Left Banner Bayanhot Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (53 mi / 85 km W)
ZLZW ZHY Zhongwei [Zhongwei Shapotou Airport (Zhongwei Xiangshan Airport)], Ningxia, CN (128 mi / 206 km SW)
ZBYZ RLK Bayannur [Bayannur Tianjitai Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (143 mi / 230 km NE)
ZLYL UYN Yulin [Yulin Yuyang Airport], Shaanxi, CN (171 mi / 275 km E)
ZBDS DSN Ordos (Dongsheng) [Ordos Ejin Horo Airport (Dongsheng Airport)], Inner Mongolia, CN (180 mi / 289 km E)
(ZLYL) (UYN) Yulin [Yulin Xisha Airport], Shaanxi, CN (180 mi / 290 km E)
WZQ Urad Middle Banner [Urad Middle Banner Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (196 mi / 315 km NE)
ZLGY GYU Guyuan [Guyuan Liupanshan Airport], Ningxia, CN (207 mi / 333 km S)
ZBOW BAV Baotou [Baotou Erliban Airport], Inner Mongolia, CN (210 mi / 338 km NE)
ZLWW Nanning [Nanning Wuwei Airport], Gansu, CN (229 mi / 368 km W)
ZLJC JIC Jinchang [Jinchang Airport], Gansu, CN (230 mi / 370 km W)
ZLQY IQN Qingyang (Xifengzhen), Gansu, CN (232 mi / 374 km S)
(ZLYA) (ENY) Yan'an [Ershilipu Airport], Shaanxi, CN (234 mi / 377 km SE)
ZLLL LHW Lanzhou [Lanzhou Zhongchuan Intl (Lanzhou West)], Gansu, CN (238 mi / 383 km SW)
ZLYA ENY Yan'an [Nanniwan Airport], Shaanxi, CN (239 mi / 384 km SE)
GC0010 Lanzhou [Lanzhou AB], Gansu, CN (252 mi / 406 km SW)
ZLLD LZD Lanzhou [Lanzhoudong], Gansu, CN (254 mi / 410 km SW)

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