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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 4°33'S 34°12'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
HTLO Lobo Wildlife Lodge [Lobo Airstrip], Mara, TZ (187 mi / 300 km N)
HTKO Kongwa [Kongwa Airport], Dodoma, TZ (188 mi / 303 km SE)
HTUK Ukerewe [Nansio, Ukerewe], Mwanza, TZ (189 mi / 305 km NW)
HTLD Loliondo [Loliondo Airstrip], Arusha, TZ (194 mi / 312 km NE)
HTMX Mpwapwa [Mpwapwa Airport], Dodoma, TZ (200 mi / 322 km SE)
HTKC Soit Sambu [Klein's Camp Airport], Arusha, TZ (204 mi / 329 km N)
HTIY Inyonga [Inyonga Airport], Rukwa, TZ (208 mi / 334 km SW)
HTMU MUZ Musoma [Musoma Airport], Mara, TZ (211 mi / 340 km N)
HTKJ JRO Kilimanjaro [Intl], Kilimanjaro, TZ (213 mi / 342 km E)
HKKE WPW Keekorok, KE (216 mi / 348 km N)
HTWK West Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro, TZ (219 mi / 352 km NE)
HTMR Ruaha National Park [Msembe Airstrip], Iringa, TZ (221 mi / 356 km S)
HKMS MRE Maasai Mara Game Reserve [Mara Serena (Mara Lodges)], KE (223 mi / 359 km N)
HKOK OLX GC0025 Maasai Mara Game Reserve (Siana Springs, Intrepid Lodge) [Olkiombo Airport], KE (225 mi / 362 km N)
HKMG Magadi, KE (229 mi / 369 km NE)
HTMS QSI Moshi [Moshi Airport], Kilimanjaro, TZ (231 mi / 371 km E)
ANA Maasai Mara Game Reserve (Angama Mara) [Angama Airport], KE (231 mi / 372 km N)
HKMZ Musiara, KE (231 mi / 372 km N)
HKTB Maasai Mara Game Reserve [Kichwa Tembo Airport], KE (233 mi / 375 km N)
HTBH Biharamulo [Biharamulo Airport], Kagera, TZ (236 mi / 380 km NW)

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