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Location codes 121-140 of 200 near location 4°39'N 74°03'W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SVLF LFR La Fria, Táchira, VE (275 mi / 443 km NE)
SKIG IGO Chigorodó [Jaime Ortiz Betancur Airport (Chigorodó Airport)], Antioquia, CO (276 mi / 444 km NW)
PLC Planeta Rica, Córdoba, CO (279 mi / 449 km N)
SKTQ TQS Tres Esquinas [Captain Ernesto Esguerra Cubides AB], Caquetá, CO (280 mi / 451 km S)
SKMB TBD Timbiquí [Timbiquí Airport], Cauca, CO (281 mi / 452 km SW)
SOH Solita, Caquetá, CO (281 mi / 452 km S)
SKUC AUC Arauca [Santiago Pérez Quiroz Airport], Arauca, CO (282 mi / 454 km NE)
SKLC APO Apartadó (Carepa) [Antonio Roldán Betancourt Airport (Los Cedros Airport)], Antioquia, CO (284 mi / 457 km NW)
SQF Solano, Caquetá, CO (285 mi / 458 km S)
SKSR SRS San Marcos [San Marcos Airport], Sucre, CO (286 mi / 459 km N)
SVGD GDO Guasdualito [Vare Maria], Apure, VE (287 mi / 462 km NE)
SKCN RAV Cravo Norte [Cravo Norte Airport], Arauca, CO (288 mi / 464 km NE)
SKTB TIB Tibú [Tibú Airport], Norte de Santander, CO (288 mi / 464 km N)
SK56 Nueva Colonia, CO (290 mi / 467 km NW)
SVSB SBB Santa Bárbara de Barinas, Barinas, VE (294 mi / 473 km NE)
SKUM Cumaribo [Cumaribo Airport], Vichada, CO (295 mi / 474 km E)
SKTU TRB Turbo [Gonzalo Mejía Airport], Antioquia, CO (301 mi / 484 km NW)
SVEB El Guayabo, Zulia, VE (301 mi / 484 km NE)
SVCG CUV Casigua [El Cubo Airport], Zulia, VE (301 mi / 484 km N)
SKGP GPI Guapi [Juan Casiano Solis Airport (Guapi Airport)], Cauca, CO (302 mi / 485 km SW)

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