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Location codes 21-40 of 200 near location 41°30'S 5°42'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
FATC Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, Tristan da Cunha, SH (1011 mi / 1627 km W)
KIG Koinghaas, Northern Cape, ZA (1013 mi / 1631 km NE)
FAMO MZY Mossel Bay (Mosselbai) [Mossel Bay Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1026 mi / 1651 km NE)
FASL Sutherland, Northern Cape, ZA (1034 mi / 1665 km NE)
FAKZ KLZ Kleinzee [Kleinzee Airport], Northern Cape, ZA (1035 mi / 1666 km NE)
FACV Calvinia [Calvinia Airport], Northern Cape, ZA (1039 mi / 1672 km NE)
FAGG GRJ George, Western Cape, ZA (1047 mi / 1685 km NE)
FAOH OUH Oudtshoorn [Oudtshoorn Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1054 mi / 1696 km NE)
FALF Loeriesfontein, Northern Cape, ZA (1057 mi / 1700 km NE)
FAVA Vaalputs, Northern Cape, ZA (1062 mi / 1710 km NE)
FAPC Prince Albert, Western Cape, ZA (1063 mi / 1711 km NE)
FASB SBU Springbok [Springbok Airport], Northern Cape, ZA (1064 mi / 1713 km NE)
FYOG OMD Oranjemund, Karas, NA (1077 mi / 1733 km NE)
FAAB ALJ Alexander Bay [Alexander Bay Airport (Kortdoorn Airport)], Northern Cape, ZA (1080 mi / 1738 km NE)
FAPG PBZ Plettenberg Bay [Plettenberg Bay Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1089 mi / 1752 km E)
FAFR Fraserburg, Northern Cape, ZA (1095 mi / 1762 km NE)
FAWL Williston [Williston Airport], Northern Cape, ZA (1096 mi / 1763 km NE)
FAGJ Gifvlei, Northern Cape, ZA (1108 mi / 1783 km NE)
FAAG AGZ Aggeneys [Aggeneys Aerodrome], Northern Cape, ZA (1119 mi / 1801 km NE)
FABV Brandvlei, Northern Cape, ZA (1121 mi / 1804 km NE)

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