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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 42°52'N 13°45'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LFKF FSC Figari [Sud Corse], Corse, FR (257 mi / 413 km W)
LIEO OLB Olbia [Costa Smeralda], Sardinia, IT (257 mi / 414 km SW)
LJSG Slovenj Gradec, SI (258 mi / 415 km N)
LOKT Villach [Villach LKH], Kärnten, AT (259 mi / 417 km N)
LOKU Klagenfurt am Wörthersee [Klagenfurt UKH], Kärnten, AT (260 mi / 419 km N)
LINM Manduria, Apulia, IT (261 mi / 420 km SE)
LFKJ AJA Ajaccio [Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (Campo dell'Oro Airport)], Corse, FR (261 mi / 421 km W)
LOKA Klagenfurt am Wörthersee [Klinkum Klagenfurt LKH], Kärnten, AT (262 mi / 421 km N)
LOWK KLU Klagenfurt [Kärnten Airport (Woerthersee Intl)], Kärnten, AT (262 mi / 422 km N)
LOXK Klagenfurt [Kärnten Airport (Woerthersee Intl)], Kärnten, AT (Code changed to LOWK)
LFKO PRP Propriano [Propriano Airport], Corse, FR (262 mi / 422 km W)
LYNK Niksic [Niksic Airport (Kapino Polje Airport)], ME (263 mi / 423 km E)
LIVP Paganella Mountain, IT (263 mi / 424 km NW)
LYBS Budva [Splendid], RS (264 mi / 425 km E)
LDOR Slavonski Brod, HR (265 mi / 426 km NE)
LIBR BDS Brindisi [Brindisi-Salento Airport (Brindisi Papola Casale Airport)], Apulia, IT (265 mi / 427 km SE)
LOKF Feldkirchen in Kärnten (Ossiachersee), Kärnten, AT (266 mi / 428 km N)
LJMB MBX Maribor, SI (267 mi / 430 km N)
LIDI CDF Cortina d'Ampezzo [Fiames], Veneto, IT (268 mi / 432 km N)
LIMJ GOA Genoa (Genova) [Genoa Cristoforo Colombo (Sestri)], Liguria, IT (268 mi / 432 km NW)

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