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Location codes 161-180 of 200 near location 45°03'36"N 99°57'00"W:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
8V3 Parkston [Muni], South Dakota, US (152 mi / 244 km SE)
D57 Glen Ullin [Glen Ullin Regional], North Dakota, US (152 mi / 245 km NW)
4N4 Lidgerwood [Muni], North Dakota, US (153 mi / 246 km NE)
SD64 Estelline [Estelline Medical Clinic Heliport], South Dakota, US (153 mi / 247 km E)
NA21 Wyndmere [Thompson Airport (Private)], North Dakota, US (154 mi / 248 km NE)
ND89 Clementsville [Mutschler Field], North Dakota, US (154 mi / 248 km NE)
KVTN VTN VTN Valentine [Miller Field], Nebraska, US (155 mi / 249 km S)
BADL Badlands National Park [Badlands NP], South Dakota, US (155 mi / 250 km SW)
8ND7 Courtenay [Sprague Airport], North Dakota, US (155 mi / 250 km NE)
5N4 Enderlin [Sky Haven Airport], North Dakota, US (156 mi / 251 km NE)
ND35 Lucca [Lindemann Airport], North Dakota, US (157 mi / 252 km NE)
2NA0 Wilton [Soderquist Airport], North Dakota, US (157 mi / 253 km N)
9V6 Martin [Muni], South Dakota, US (157 mi / 253 km SW)
SD42 Bridgewater [Waltner & Richards Airport], South Dakota, US (158 mi / 254 km SE)
16SD Madison [Madison Community Hospital Heliport], South Dakota, US (158 mi / 255 km SE)
ND49 Wyndmere [Krause Airport (Private)], North Dakota, US (158 mi / 255 km NE)
KMDS XMD MDS Madison [Muni], South Dakota, US (159 mi / 255 km SE)
ND47 Enderlin [Geske Airfield], North Dakota, US (159 mi / 256 km NE)
7ND5 Bowdon [Buchmiller Airport], North Dakota, US (160 mi / 257 km N)
KBAC BAC Valley City [Barnes County Muni], North Dakota, US (160 mi / 257 km NE)

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