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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 45°56'15"N 14°48'11"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LHKV Kaposújlak (Kaposvar) [Kaposújlak Airport], Somogy, HU (149 mi / 239 km E)
LHFM Fertoszentmiklós [Fertoszentmiklós Airport], Gyor-Moson-Sopron, HU (149 mi / 240 km NE)
LOLG Sankt Georgen am Ybbsfelde (St. George am Ybbsfelde), Niederösterreich, AT (150 mi / 241 km N)
LHTA Taszár [Taszár AB], Somogy, HU (153 mi / 246 km E)
LOAT Eisenstadt [Trausdorf], Burgenland, AT (153 mi / 247 km NE)
LOLH Hofkirchen im Traunkreis [Hofkirchen Airport], Oberösterreich, AT (154 mi / 247 km N)
LOWS SZG Salzburg [Salzburg W.A. Mozart], Salzburg, AT (154 mi / 248 km NW)
LOAE Eisenstadt [Eisenstadt LKH], Burgenland, AT (155 mi / 249 km NE)
LOIW Waidring, Tirol, AT (155 mi / 249 km NW)
LOIA Kitzbühel [Kitzbühel KH], Tirol, AT (155 mi / 249 km NW)
LOAV Bad Vöslau [Bad Vöslau Airport], Niederösterreich, AT (156 mi / 251 km NE)
LOIJ St. Johann in Tirol [St. Johann Airport], Tirol, AT (156 mi / 252 km NW)
LOIT St. Johann in Tirol [St. Johann in Tirol KH], Tirol, AT (157 mi / 253 km NW)
LIVV Mount Venda, IT (158 mi / 254 km W)
LOAD Völtendorf [Völtendorf Airport], Niederösterreich, AT (158 mi / 254 km N)
LIDA Asiago (Vicenza) [Romeo Sartori Airport], Veneto, IT (158 mi / 255 km W)
LOLW Wels [Wels Airport], Oberösterreich, AT (159 mi / 256 km N)
LIVM Point Marina/Ravenna (Marino di Ravenna), IT (160 mi / 257 km SW)
LIPT VIC Vicenza [Tommaso Dal Molin (Trissino)], Veneto, IT (160 mi / 258 km W)
LIDH Thiene, IT (160 mi / 258 km W)

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