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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 47°19'12"N 110°39'00"E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
ZLIC INC Yinchuan [Hedong], Ningxia, CN (657 mi / 1058 km S)
ZBTJ TSN Tianjin [Binhai Intl], Tianjin, CN (659 mi / 1060 km SE)
GC0004 Jiuquan Space Launch Facility (Shuang Cheng-Tzu) [LA2], Inner Mongolia, CN (660 mi / 1062 km SW)
ZMDN ULZ Uliastai [Donoi Airport (New Uliastai Airport)], Dzavhan, MN (661 mi / 1063 km W)
ZBLL LLV Lüliang [Lüliang Airport], Shaanxi, CN (666 mi / 1071 km S)
ZBYN TYN Taiyuan [Taiyuan Wusu Intl], Shaanxi, CN (668 mi / 1076 km S)
ZYJZ (JNZ) Jinzhou [Jinzhou Xiaolingzi Airport], Liaoning, CN (671 mi / 1080 km SE)
ZBDH BPE Qinhuangdao [Qinhuangdao Beidaihe Airport], Hubei, CN (676 mi / 1088 km SE)
GC0005 Jiuquan Space Launch Facility (Hexixincun) [South Launch Center / LA4], Inner Mongolia, CN (676 mi / 1088 km SW)
ZBSH SHP Qinhuangdao (Shanhaiguan) [Qinhuangdao Shanhaiguan Airport], Hubei, CN (681 mi / 1096 km SE)
ZYXC XEN Xingcheng, Liaoning, CN (683 mi / 1099 km SE)
ZYDQ DQA Daqing [Daqing Sartu Airport], Heilongjiang, CN (684 mi / 1101 km E)
ZMAT LTI Altai [Altai Airport], Govi-Altay, MN (686 mi / 1104 km W)
ZYSQ YSQ Songyuan [Chaganhu], Jilin, CN (686 mi / 1105 km E)
JNZ ZY33 Jinzhou [Jinzhou Bay Airport], Liaoning, CN (687 mi / 1106 km SE)
UITT UKX Ust-Kut [Ust-Kut Airport], Irkutskaya, RU (691 mi / 1113 km N)
UIBV Zheleznogorsk, Irkutskaya, RU (692 mi / 1114 km N)
UNYA Khamsara [Khamsara Airport], Tyva (Tuva), RU (697 mi / 1122 km NW)
UINY Aly'gdzher, Irkutskaya, RU (697 mi / 1122 km NW)
UINH Nerkha, Irkutskaya, RU (706 mi / 1136 km NW)

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