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Location codes 1-20 of 200 near location 55░00'S 11░12'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AT17 Novolazarevskaya Station [ALCI Airbase], Queen Maud Land, AQ (1096 mi / 1764 km S)
AT27 Norwegian Polar Institute [Troll Airfield], Queen Maud Land, AQ (1202 mi / 1935 km S)
FAME Marion Island, Prince Edward Islands, Western Cape, ZA (1282 mi / 2063 km E)
FAGE Gough Island (Conšalo ┴lvares), Tristan da Cunha, SH (1401 mi / 2254 km NW)
FAAF Struisbaai [Andrew's Field Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1460 mi / 2350 km N)
GC0045 Bredasdorp (Prinskraal), Western Cape, ZA (1467 mi / 2362 km N)
FAHM Hermanus, Western Cape, ZA (1474 mi / 2372 km N)
GC0044 Bredasdorp, Western Cape, ZA (1475 mi / 2375 km N)
FAOB Overberg [AFB Overberg], Western Cape, ZA (1477 mi / 2378 km N)
FACT CPT Cape Town [Cape Town Intl (D.F. Malan)], Western Cape, ZA (1495 mi / 2407 km N)
FASH Stellenbosch [Stellenbosch Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1497 mi / 2410 km N)
FAYP Cape Town [AFB Ysterplaat], Western Cape, ZA (1499 mi / 2412 km N)
FAFK Fisantekraal [Fisantekraal Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1510 mi / 2431 km N)
FASX Swellendam [Hendrik Swellengrebel Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1514 mi / 2437 km N)
FARS ROD Robertson [Robertson Airfield], Western Cape, ZA (1522 mi / 2450 km N)
FARD Riversdale, Western Cape, ZA (1524 mi / 2453 km NE)
FAAS Ashton [Ashton Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1524 mi / 2453 km N)
FAWC Worcester [Worcester Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1526 mi / 2455 km N)
FAMY Malmesbury, Western Cape, ZA (1531 mi / 2463 km N)
FAMO MZY Mossel Bay (Mosselbai) [Mossel Bay Airport], Western Cape, ZA (1532 mi / 2465 km NE)

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