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No exact matches. Location codes 1-20 of 551 similar to 58PA:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
VYPA PAA Pa-an (Hpa-an), MM
PS55 Philadelphia [Core States - 1st PA Heliport], PA, US
PA03 Philadelphia [Hospital of University of PA Heliport], PA, US
80PA Moosic [Pamco PA Heliport], PA, US
VTCO Lamphun Pa Sak, TH
LFBP PUF Pau Pyrénées (Uzein), FR
BGAP LLU Alluitsup Paa, GL
VTCI Mae Hong Son (Pai), TH
SYLP LUB Lumid Pau, GY
SWMV Mucajaí [Paa-Piu], RR, BR
LL54 Paw Paw [Dunn Airport], IL, US
NM46 Artesia [Pay Jay Number 2 Heliport], NM, US
NM45 Artesia [Pay Jay Number 1 Heliport], NM, US
2C5 Paw Paw [Almena Airport], MI, US
35NK Lyndonville [Tiger Paw Aerodrome], NY, US
SSKJ Pau dos Ferros [Aeropuerto Pau dos Ferros], RN, BR
SWPP Mozarlândia [Fazenda Pica-Pau], GO, BR
SDPB Guarulhos [Pedreira Pau Pedra], SP, BR
SSDT Redenção [Fazenda Pau D'Arco], PA, BR
SDVF Uiramutã [Santo Antônio do Pão], RR, BR

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