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No exact matches. Location codes 241-260 of 851 similar to 58PA:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
SIVY São Félix do Araguaia [Fazenda Vale do Boi II], Mato Grosso, BR
SAZF OVR Olavarría [Olavarría Airport], B, AR
FLKY ZKB Kasaba Bay, Northern, ZM
CYKG YWB Kangiqsujuaq [Kangiqsujuaq Airport (Wakeham Bay)], Québec, CA
SLSB SRJ San Borja [Capitán Av. Germán Quiroga Guardia Airport], José Ballivián, B, BO
LFCS Bordeaux [Léognan-Saucats], B, FR
FQMD MUD Mueda [Mueda Airport], P, MZ
KCZL CZL Calhoun [Tom B David Field], Georgia, US
SLEP El Peru del Apere [El Peru del Apere Airport], Yacuma, B, BO
SDHF São João da Boa Vista [Ambroso], São Paulo, BR
LFDY Bordeaux (Yvrac), B, FR
FQCH VPY Chimoio [Chimoio Airport], B, MZ
PUO 90AK Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse [Northstar Heliport], Alaska, US
YKBY KBY Streaky Bay, South Australia, AU
YTBB Tumby Bay, South Australia, AU
DAOB TID Tiaret [Abdelhafid Boussouf Bou Chekif Airport], Tiaret, DZ
SLRQ RBQ Rurrenabaque [Rurrenabaque Airport], José Ballivián, B, BO
PALB KLN 2A3 Larsen Bay, Alaska, US
KBFW BFW Silver Bay [Muni], Minnesota, US
VOBX VO94 Campbell Bay [Campbell Bay NAS (INS Baaz)], Great Nicobar, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, IN

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