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No exact matches. Location codes 321-340 of 851 similar to 58PA:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
LFAX Mortagne Au Perche, P, FR
SAAK SA04 Martín García Island, B, AR
KOJA OJA Weatherford [Thomas P Stafford Airport], Oklahoma, US
MRDK DRK Drake Bay [Puntarenas Airport], Puntarenas, CR
LFAS Falaise [Mont d'Eraines], P, FR
LFOG Flers [St-Paul], P, FR
SLZJ San Pedro del Rio Blanco [San Pedro del Rio Blanco Airport], Iténez, B, BO
SLUN Uncia [Uncia Airport], Bustillos, P, BO
SSBH Coxim/F Baia, Mato Grosso do Sul, BR
MRFI Finca 10 [Nuevo Palmar Sur], Puntarenas, CR
CYYO Wynyard [W. B. Needham Field Aerodrome], Saskatchewan, CA
OYBQ Al-Bough, YE
SNYY Boa Esperança [Sítio São Luiz], Paraná, BR
SJLK Boa Vista [Lago Grande 1], Roraima, BR
SLJO SJB San Joaquin [San Joaquin Airport], Mamoré, B, BO
SNQR Poconé [Fazenda Bahia - Don Bosco], Mato Grosso, BR
LFIK Ribérac [St-Aulaye], B, FR
SAZD Dolores, B, AR
CYMD YMD Mould Bay, Prince Patrick Island, Northwest Territories, CA

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