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Location codes 1-20 of 24 near location 61░48'S 90░06'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
YCSK Casey Station [Casey Station Skiway], Wilkes Land, AQ (696 mi / 1119 km SE)
YWKS Casey Station [Wilkins Aerodrome], Upper Peterson Glacier, Wilkes Land, AQ (724 mi / 1165 km SE)
GC0080 Port-aux-Franšais, Kerguelen Islands, TF (1152 mi / 1854 km NW)
GC0079 Marble Point [Marble Point Heliport (Marble Point Refueling Station)], AQ (1888 mi / 3038 km SE)
NZPG McMurdo Station [Pegasus Field], Ross Island, AQ (1924 mi / 3096 km SE)
NZIR McMurdo Station [Ice Runway], Ross Island, AQ (1924 mi / 3097 km SE)
NZFX McMurdo Station [Phoenix Field], Ross Island, AQ (1927 mi / 3102 km SE)
NZTB Terra Nova Bay [Mario Zucchelli Station], AQ (1930 mi / 3106 km SE)
NZWD McMurdo Station [Williams Field], Ross Island, AQ (1933 mi / 3110 km SE)
NZSP Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station [Jack F. Paulus Skiway], AQ (1956 mi / 3147 km S)
AT17 Novolazarevskaya Station [ALCI Airbase], Queen Maud Land, AQ (2102 mi / 3382 km SW)
YAUG Augusta [Augusta Airport], Western Australia, AU (2194 mi / 3531 km NE)
YDEK Denmark, Western Australia, AU (2206 mi / 3550 km NE)
YABA ALH Albany, Western Australia, AU (2215 mi / 3565 km NE)
YKKN Kin Kin Retreat [Kin Kin Retreat Airport], Western Australia, AU (2217 mi / 3567 km NE)
YMGT MQZ Margaret River [Margaret River Airport], Western Australia, AU (2218 mi / 3570 km NE)
YMJM MJP Manjimup, Western Australia, AU (2220 mi / 3572 km NE)
YBLN BQB Busselton [Busselton Regional Airport], Western Australia, AU (2240 mi / 3605 km NE)
AT27 Norwegian Polar Institute [Troll Airfield], Queen Maud Land, AQ (2250 mi / 3621 km SW)
YBOP Mayanup [Boyup Brook Airport], Western Australia, AU (2250 mi / 3621 km NE)

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