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Location codes 101-120 of 200 near location 74°30'N 163°48'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
AK74 Hannum Creek [Upper Hannum Creek Airport], Alaska, US (954 mi / 1536 km E)
PADE DRG DEE Deering, Alaska, US (955 mi / 1537 km E)
PP14 Srednie Pakhachi [Srednie Pakhachi Heliport], Kamchatskiy, RU (957 mi / 1541 km S)
5QC Quartz Creek [Quartz Creek Airport (Kougarok)], Alaska, US (959 mi / 1544 km SE)
AK20 Nuiqsut [CD-3 Airstrip], Alaska, US (961 mi / 1547 km E)
PALP AK15 Nuiqsut [Alpine Airstrip], Alaska, US (964 mi / 1551 km E)
8AK3 Selawik [Roland Norton Memorial Airstrip], Alaska, US (964 mi / 1552 km E)
PASA SVA SVA Savoonga, St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, US (967 mi / 1556 km SE)
3Z1 Feather River, Alaska, US (967 mi / 1557 km SE)
PAQT NUI AQT Nuiqsut, Alaska, US (968 mi / 1558 km E)
PFNU AK32 Nuiqsut [Oooguruk Island Heliport], Alaska, US (970 mi / 1561 km E)
AA51 Kuparuk [Spy Island Drill-Site Heliport], Alaska, US (974 mi / 1567 km E)
UHPA Pakhachi [Pakhachi Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU (976 mi / 1570 km S)
PASK WLK WLK Selawik, Alaska, US (976 mi / 1570 km E)
POLI OLI Oliktok Point [Oliktok LRRS Airport], Alaska, US (977 mi / 1572 km E)
PPNU AA27 Nuiqsut [Otp Heliport], Alaska, US (978 mi / 1574 km E)
AA38 Kuparuk [Nikaitchuq Operations Center Heliport], Alaska, US (978 mi / 1574 km E)
CDL AK75 Candle [Candle 2 Airport], Alaska, US (979 mi / 1575 km E)
UHPT Tilichiki [Tilichiki Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU (980 mi / 1577 km S)
UERS SYS Saskylakh (Sashylakh), Sakha (Yakutiya), RU (981 mi / 1579 km W)

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