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Location codes 141-160 of 200 near location 74°30'N 163°48'E:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
HAY HAY Haycock, Alaska, US (1031 mi / 1659 km E)
PAGL GLV GLV Golovin, Alaska, US (1036 mi / 1667 km SE)
GAAR Coldfoot [Gates of the Arctic NP (Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve)], Alaska, US (1038 mi / 1670 km E)
UEMH KDY Teply'j Klyuch (Khandyga, Teply Klyuch) [Teply'j Klyuch Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU (1040 mi / 1674 km SW)
UEVV ZIX Zhigansk [Zhigansk Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU (1042 mi / 1677 km W)
MOS Elim [Moses Point Airport], Alaska, US (1043 mi / 1679 km E)
PFEL ELI ELI Elim, Alaska, US (1045 mi / 1681 km SE)
PABP AK78 Deadhorse [Badami Airport], Alaska, US (1045 mi / 1681 km E)
PAKK KKA KKA Koyuk [Koyuk Alfred Adams Airport], Alaska, US (1045 mi / 1682 km E)
PABU 8AK7 Kaktovik [Bullen Point Air Force Station], Alaska, US (1047 mi / 1684 km E)
SAG Sagwon, Alaska, US (1048 mi / 1687 km E)
PAKP AKP AKP Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska, US (1049 mi / 1689 km E)
UERC Dzhelinda [Dzhelinda Airport], Sakha (Yakutiya), RU (1056 mi / 1699 km W)
AA03 Deadhorse [Central Pad], Alaska, US (1057 mi / 1701 km E)
PAAD 37AA Deadhorse [Point Thomson Airstrip], Alaska, US (1058 mi / 1703 km E)
UHPD Ossora [Ossora Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU (1059 mi / 1704 km S)
UHMM GDX Magadan [Sokol], Magadanskaya, RU (1064 mi / 1713 km SW)
AA14 Toolik Field Station [Toolik Heliport], Alaska, US (1066 mi / 1715 km E)
RK1 Kavik River [Kavik Strip], Alaska, US (1067 mi / 1718 km E)
UHPL Palana [Palana Airport], Kamchatskiy, RU (1073 mi / 1727 km S)

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