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No exact matches. Location codes 221-240 of 241 similar to CO61:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
I16 Pineville [Kee Field], West Virginia, US
SN37 Elmdale [Harold K Wells Airport], Kansas, US
XS40 Pearsall [Jay Kay Ranch Airport], Texas, US
3TE0 Iola [K Ranch Airport], Texas, US
20LS Crowley [K-John Airport], Louisiana, US
FA71 Cedar Key [Cedars Airfield], Florida, US
7TX8 Amarillo [Flying K Airport], Texas, US
4KS Kiowa [Walz Airport], Kansas, US
WS45 Irma [Circle K Airport], Wisconsin, US
2II7 Ossian [K-9 Korner Heliport], Indiana, US
58TT Athens [Bradley Oaks Ranch/Bradley K Heliport], Texas, US
MUCK Cayo Caguama, CU
MUOC Cayo Coco [Cayo Coco Airport], Ciego de Ávila, CU (Code changed to MUOC.OLD)
HHAK Adi Keyih, ER
LOKE Hermagor KH, AT
LOSS Schwarzach KH, AT
SYKI Kaow Island, GY
VTPK Rayong Map Kha, TH

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