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No exact matches. Location codes 81-100 of 241 similar to CO61:

ICAO  IATA  Other  Location
MYLD LGI Deadman's Cay [Deadman's Cay Airport], Long Island, BS
RKTY YEC Yechon [K 58], KR
ZUNZ LZY Nyingchi (Linzhi, Kang-Ko, Milin) [Mainling], Tibet, CN
VDKK KKZ Koh Kong [Koh Kong Airport], Koh Kong, KH
LFMS Als Deaux [Als Deaux Airport], K, FR
TMK Tam-Ky, VN
LFND Pont-St-Esprit, K, FR
MUBR BWW Cayo Santa Maria [Las Brujas], Villa Clara, CU
LIDC C Negra, IT
VIBL Bakshi Ka Talab, Uttar Pradesh, IN
LFNB MEN Mende [Brenoux], K, FR
LFNO Florac [Ste-Enimie], K, FR
WAMK KAZ Kao, Maluku Utara, ID
LFNT Avignon [Pujaut], K, FR
FXTA THB Thaba-Tseka [Thaba-Tseka Airport], K, LS
LFNW Puivert, K, FR
RPLO CYU Cuyo [Cuyo Principal Airport], Palawan, PH
PHPA PAK PAK Hanapepe [Port Allen Airport], Kauai, Hawaii, US
LFME Nmes [Courbessac], K, FR
MBSY SLX Salt Cay [Salt Cay Airport], TC

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